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Prophet's vision

The first year after Awakening was hard for everyone in The Pit, but especially for those living outside of the Glow of The Tree. The inhabitants of The Surface and The Depths layers had to quickly adapt to not being at the top of the food chain.   There is a story from that time. The details change depending on who says it, but it always happens in the first months after the Awakening, deep in The Depths.  
So the story goes like this.
There is a tribe, one of the first that managed to survive so long down there. They prepare for the hunt.
Their routine is suddenly interrupted as their settlement is filled with a scream. An unknown man runs through the middle of the tribe, screaming as he passes everyone.
Before anyone manages to react, he reaches the other end of the tribe and disappears into the darkness.
For the next few days, everyone talks about him. Who was he? What he was running away from? Did he go mad?
But as the days pass, people lose interest. Almost everyone agrees that the madman was probably eaten by something by now.   And that is when he comes back. But he doesn't run or scream anymore. Instead, his steps are full of determination. His face, aside from his mouth, which right now is constantly moving, is covered by cloth. People gather around him. Some brave kid decides to get closer to hear what the madman is saying. He caught only a few words:
"It collapses... again and again... it will again."
"She killed her kin and took her throne."
"If they reach it, a wish."
"It's all farce."   People try to talk to the madman but he ignores them all. Those who stand in his way, he simply avoids. And then, he walks into the darkness again. A man on a mission.

The Prophet

Those who heard the story and met the man, know that it talks about the Prophet. If asked, he says he has experienced a vision back then, something so great his mind couldn't comprehend it in the beginning. He still experiences visions, but none on such a great scale. But when asked for the details of the vision from the story, he says he doesn't remember it anymore, as if it evaporated from his mind.
Some say he spread the story himself so people take his senseless drivel seriously. But there are also some that try to decode the words he spoke that day.

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