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Father's Son

There is a long-standing prophecy, that one day a seer will come, named after his Father, with the ability to see past, present and future in such a way as to guide those who heed him through the calamitous times that will arise at his coming. They will be protected and safe and pass through the terrors to a bright future.   It is an ancient prophecy and as such has generated much discussion and attempts at understanding. Naturally, there are also myths that have sprung up around it.   A story has been told and retold of a man who knew the prophecy of the seer and when gifted with the birth of his son, decided to make his boy the chosen one. Perhaps it was that he saw in his newborn boy, the seeds of greatness, perhaps it was the natural pride and joy most fathers feel when they first see the fruit of their loins. Whatever the reason, it became an obsession with the man. His son would be the prophesied Seer, he would see to it.   He gave the boy his own name. The child was raised away from the village, and not allowed to associate with any but his family. From the time he began to speak, the father would write down what he said, attempting to understand them as something more than the beginnings of speech and the acquisition of language. He taught his son to believe that he could see things others could not. That he was God-touched and God-ordained to a great mission. A trusting boy, the lad came to believe the words of his father.   He became convinced that he was, indeed, the Seer foretold and belief is a powerful thing. Soon, with the support of his father he began to speak in the village and his words were spoken with conviction, for did not his father tell him of the power that was his? Many in the village came to believe on his worlds as well.   Hubris and pride will destroy many. When after a hard winter there were signs of bandits nearby, the lad promised that the village would be protected. He assured them he had the power, as the prophecy said to shield those who followed him from danger. There was no need to fear. The robbers would not molest them. -- Until they did.   The village was overrun, the flocks and goods plundered. Men were cut down without being able to defend themselves because they had been assured it was not necessary. The women, as women often do in these tragedies, lived longer and suffered more than their menfolk. Those children who were slain first were spared seeing the terror that the ones who hid witnessed.   When the bandits departed, after several days of looting and rape, horrified travelers found what was left. The boy had been staked to the ground and his body cut open. He appeared to have lived that way for several days. And the father? He had been in the hills seeking early pasture for his sheep and was not present.   When the scant facts were pieced together and the father's contribution to this horror was revealed, he was branded with a rune on his forehead and cast out to be a despised wanderer for whatever remained of his wretched life. The rune? One translation would be, Hubris.   It has been centuries since this event occurred, if indeed it actually happened. It does serve as a warning to not usurp what is God's to give.
Oh man, with newborn babe in arms,
A son, healthy, loud and strong.
Think not to grant him thine own name, exact.
For the Seer comes not from such a fact.   Wish not to see him stripling tall
With eyes that see past future's veil.
'Tis rash, your wicked pride to glut
What God, alone, deigns to lift up.   No boy, nor youth, nor man well grown
Will be the Seer unseen, unknown.
Till God, himself reveals the one
Oh man, be humble, for thy son.


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