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Future Noodles

Tucked away in the bustling Metropolis of Humus in The Trolloch Federation (Region) are many different kinds of restauraunts and food shops. Cuisine from all different cultures and races can be found tucked into tiny storefronts and vendors on the streets.   One such vendor offers his product out of a weatherbeaten Metal cart, squeakily pushing his cart down the street and whistling a strange old melody. He doesn't work a set route, going wherever his fancy takes him on any given day. He long hair and beard are tied back, a wide hat protects his face from the frequent rain showers that always seem to be happening in Humus.   He serves only one type of food from his cart: Steaming hot noodles. He makes them fresh every day and offers several kinds of sauce: Sweet, Sour, and Hot.   The noodles are served in paper cups and come with a set of Chopsticks. The noodles are always steaming hot, some mechanism in his cart keeps them at the perfect temperature. The price is fair and the quality is astounding. There are actually rumors of a 'Church of the Noodle', whose acolytes seek out his delicious fare every time they visit the city of Humus.   Although the noodles are both delicious and nutritious, there are whispers of another service he can provide if you are brave enough to ask. He can see your future in the remnants of your noodle cup, though you may not be happy with the future he offers. An offering of silver in addition to the usual fee for his noodles will earn his undivided attention as he scans over the remnants of your noodles, breathing deep and contemplating for a long moment. Then he whispers what he has gleaned, and the knowledge is not always comforting.   If you are feeling brave, approach the old man pulling the cart with a faded sign on the side and enjoy a meal, then offer a tip of a hand full of silver. The future will be made clear to you, but beware for this knowledge may not be something you wanted after all.

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