The Oracle of Blagrha

The Oracle of Blagrha had a silver pin in her hair. She knew everything. She knew what would happen next, and what had happened before. She knew about the breakfast you had had, and the dinner you would have. She knew about when you would die, and when you were born. She knew your first love and your last heartbreak. She knew your name. She knew your face. But there was one thing she didn't know.   One day, a man visited the oracle. "I have traveled far to find you. My dog is sick and I am worried about him. I would like to know when my dog will die," he said. The oracle looked at him with a blank expression and opened her mouth. "In two weeks," she said. The man sighed and looked through the window. "And there is nothing I can do about it?" he asked. The oracle didn't answer. He went home to his dog, and after two weeks, he looked at the dog and said: "You will die today, the oracle said it. Better it be by my hands."   Years later the daughter of the man came to the Oracle. "Dear Oracle, I am pregnant but I am supposed to travel to the big city next week. I'm afraid my baby won't make it." The oracle looked at the girl and smiled. "Your baby will not survive the next two weeks," she said. The girl broke down in crying and fell to the ground. She gathered herself and nodded a wordless thank you to the oracle. When she got home and told her husband, they decided that if the baby died anyway, they would travel to the city with a clear conscience.   The Oracle of Blagrha survived for many years. Living off the scraps people gave her. But one does wonder, is a prophecy real before it is said aloud?

Cover image: by Pimenefusarund


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