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Prompt 9: The Prophesy of the Great Forge

Those Seekers of the Forge or always preaching about the second coming of the volza. Like anyone wants that race of bloodthirsty tech obsessed monster back into the world. It's true that the forge could advance any race to the top of the food chain. Though is it worth it to seek something that may also bring back that races legacy. - A noble of Salire
    The prophesy of the great forge is a myth about the destined search for the great vault. It starts with a tale of a seeker who will journey deep below to find the key to the forge. How many would be sent before and fail to gain access to the key. Through many trials and tribulations this seeker with uncover the key and the first piece of a map that would lead them to finding the actual forge.   That they would be made to make a decision to protect the key in order to prevent it falling into the wrongs. They would also begin the search for the forge and find many more pieces to the map. Only then will their quest end long before the forge is ever found.   This will leave the rest of the way to be found by those who seek the truth who will chart the course and lead the way to the forge. Thus only leaving for the key to finally fulfill it's purpose and usher in the second coming of the Volza.


The prophesy of the great forge tells the tale of the quest to find the forge. It also speaks of the second coming of the volza and the price to be paid to achieve such things.  Though the whole truth behind the tale is said to be kept secret and held by the seekers of the vault. Though some believe that the truth of the tale is actually held by another as the seekers seem to be trying to track down an old man and a young woman.

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