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The Fall of the Pillars Gistal (Gu-hiss-tal)

The fall of the pillars of Gistal is an acrostic poem written about the coming wrath of the God Sarraqum. The Fall of the Pillars of Gistal is a prophecy about sibling revelry and hatred.  


    "Ah who can match the Gods Ninti and Matum   Blessed are we for the land you made
Consecrated and Holy is the life you gave
Disarray and chaos are completely at bay
Every person and being should bow to your accomplishment
For none can match you in your divine achievement
Glory to both of your for your persistence and kindness
Holy are you gift that you brought
  In the far corners of Timastu
Jealousy and anger make Sarraqum's heart rot
Knowing his mother rejected his wants
Loosed will be his fury on our lands and stock
Madness unleased because Ninti got what she wants
  Nothing can quell Sarraqum's Wrath
Only his destruction can stand in his path
People have prayed to the Gods to stand in his way
Quietly hoping the fall of the pillars will never come
  Rest assured though Sarraqum will come
Searing magma will fill your lungs
The Gods can not stop him Mummi will not allow it
Useless Gods are because they're petrified of the darkness
Vapid beings are fickle and self-biased   Why Ninti, why Matum, did you both sacrifice yourselves and leave us this tomb
Xiphoid is Sarraqum's Hate toward us all
Years have passed and his revenge has not come but
Zealous malice stands at the precipice of the falls dawn"


In the lore of the Awekiati, Sarraqum approached their mother about his goals long before Ninti and Matum and was rejected for them being foul and obscene in Mummu's eyes. Hatred grew in his heart for his brother and sister because his mother accepted and helped them and not him. The poem speaks of the coming day when Sarraqum will exact his wrath on the people on Asmutum and destroy the creation his brother and sister sacrificed themselves to make.

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