Age of Blood

When nine bells boom as one, seven children born from the wicked shall come into the world to cause an era of war that shall bathe the world in blood and plunge it into eternal darkness. - Galthanok the Scourge


According to the prophecy, seven children would be born each one being fathered by one of the Seven Devil that resided in the Seven Hells to bring about an age of war. The aftermath leading to everyone dying and demons inheriting the earth as its new rulers. Though it does not say when or where it would happen as it nor where the children will be born as prophecies such as these tend to be cryptic like that. Though it does say that nine bells will ring at the same time and it is believed that the nine bells represent the nine holy Saints of the Exalted shall give warning to their arrival. In this time reason shall be discarded with only desire to kill one another until no one remained in a war of some kind that no one knows what it is about nor the scale that it is supposed to take on the world.  
Blood shall consume to this world
Blood that shall be drawn by those who are mortal
For they can no longer see reason and bloodshed is all they will understand
They will not stop no matter how much has been spilt
For river will soon become seas that their corpses will fill.
When nine bells boom as one
Seven children born from the wicked shall come into the world to cause an era of war
That shall bathe the world in blood and plunge it into eternal darkness
  - The Age of Blood  

Historical Basis

During the final days of the Warlock Wars, the Warlock Lord Galthanok was captured by the Inquisition and tortured for questions about any weakness and secrets that could be used to defeat them once and for all. Instead, he told of a prophecy told to him by the demons that he used to cast his magic. That age of war would one day come as the world would destroy itself and pave the way to an age of darkness that would consume everything in its wake for its servants to claim it as their domain. Afterward, he was burned at the stake for his crimes and the prophecy was told to the leadership of the Church of the Exalted who believed it the coming of the Seven Devils that would bring the end of days through children that they bedded and had children that would be used as their emissaries to bring forth a war that would destroy the world. It was also believed that the nine saints would bring warning of their arrival in an attempt to stop it from ever happening. Though some believed that this was now and search the and for these children by look for women who have given birth to children in strange and natural means. Those who were believed to have come into the world unnaturally were taken away from their mother's arms and were studied to find any evidence of their conception. Many of them would be locked away for years to see if they would change or develop wicked behavior. Those who did not were freed and those who did were often killed even though their conditions did not help their mental states as the children do not take trauma that well. But it would soon stop once it was discovered by the wider church as it was considered unjust to condemn these children without any evidence and they were all eventually let go. But the church for many years prepared for the coming of the prophecy until it eventually faded from memory as nothing more than another falsehood like many others before it.


Very few people know about or don't know about it at all as it was never well know to begin with as it was just a select few who did.

Cultural Reception

Considering the prophecy is over a few centuries old not that many people even know it and those that due are few in number and think it nothing more than the attempt of a wicked man to gain a few more moments of life before facing justice for all the crimes that he committed. Not to mention it is only known in the Western Lands so no one else outside of it has ever heard of it at all.
Date of First Recording
1218 CA
Date of Setting


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