When the Ravens Flee

When the ravens leave the Tower, England will fall.
— speaker unknown
  When was this prophecy first uttered? No one living can recall when the words were first spoken. There are rumours that it was sometime in the twelfth century CE. History recalls that during the Christmas season of 2173 the last of the Tower Ravens perished. What happened after that was the start of the Year of Hell.   They took every step possible to prevent the prophecy from coming true. There was nothing that would prevent the inevitable.


The ravens were said to be pivotal to the survival of both the Tower of London and the United Kingdom. When it was first uttered, the UK was not as united as it was when it fell. Originally the prophecy was said to cover only England. With England's expansion and subsequent control over Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the prophecy spread to include these lands as well.

Historical Basis

The earliest mentions connecting the Tower to ravens came from the euhemerised Welsh tale regarding the war against Matholwch, the Irish leader who mistreated princess Branwen. Brân the Blessed (king of the Britons), Branwen's brother, issued orders for his followers to behead him and bury it beneath The White Hill, with his head buried, facing France, as a protective talisman against foreign invasion.   Brân, the modern Welsh word for raven, was connected to the magical and protective qualities of his namesake. These qualities pertaining to the ravens were attested to throughout Celtic mythology. With the knowledge of Brân's head buried under The White Hill serving as reassurance of protection in accordance to Celtic tradition, so too did the idea of the presence of the ravens in the Tower.

Variations & Mutation

Some variations stated that if the number of ravens ever dropped below six it would mean the end of the Crown and England.

Cultural Reception

This prophecy scared the population of London enough that the Ravenmaster was set to take care of the ravens and prevent them ever leaving the tower.
Date of First Recording
Date of Setting
2173 CE
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