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Avatar of the Kind One


This myth is one that one of the Horrors known as the Kind One once, in exactly 100AL, took a physical avatar for a brief amount of time and acted as a benevolent individual who could predict the future for the best. Variations say that this avatar was either a human, various native races such as Canefolk, Srirlings, Satyrs, and many others depending on where the myth is told. The original was in the forest of Grien, and most tales center around it occurring there. The theorized Avatar of the Kind One was a benevolent spirit who shared prophesies with many people, including three notable groups of adventurers, and all of the prophesies told were shown to come true, no matter what efforts were put forth towards avoiding them. They were noted to heal others in certain versions of the myth, and in some versions stopped several different great evils. The most popular telling notes her stopping the Destroyer from rubbing a flourishing city off the map, the city of Sunset Dawns. She was also recorded to have predicted the creation of the Land Bridge that connects the Frozen Wasteland with the northeastern portion of the Forest of Grien.

Historical Basis

Much evidence of this myth is convoluted at best, and typically comes across as almost silly. Some commonly cited pieces include the proposed prediction of the Land Bridge, but there is very little to no evidence to support that it wasn't simply built for convenience sake to connect two continents that were already close to each other. As well as this, the continued existence of Sunset Dawns is often cited, though there is no evidence that the Destroyer ever intended to demolish it in the first place. However, it is known that it is possible for Horrors to take avatars, typically for the sake of entertainment, though while there are numerous well documented incidents of this occurring with the Child and the Trickster, there has never been another recorded case of the Kind One taking an avatar.


This myth is incredibly widespread, and is a common staple in mythology, literature, art, and more due to its interest. Most children hear it at least several times whilst young, and numerous scientists have dedicated their career to its study.

Cultural Reception

It is most important to the societies located in the Forest of Grien, with the strongest passion for it being in the city of Sunset Dawns, and many are near worshipful of the Kind One for theoretically saving them. They hold a festival every year on the 100th day of the year, or the 16th day of the Month of Warming to celebrate their gratefulness to the Kind One. Beyond the Forest of Grien, it is typically seen as an interesting story, but not much more.

In Literature

There are countless pieces of literature on this subject, centering on many different aspects of it. This ranges from childrens books recounting the tale to epics on the prophesied adventurers to scientific literature on the logistics of the situation.

In Art

There is a massive statue carved entirely from marble standing almost 18 feet tall in the City of Sunset Dawns, which depicts a kind human woman wearing long, flowing robes reaching down with cupped hands that contain a small model depiction of the city. It is considered one of the greatest sculptures in modern day, carved in 237 AL. It has been retouched countless times since them, and is considered absolutely gorgeous by any definition of the word.
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100AL, 1st day of the Month of
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