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Beastly Homage


The Beastly Homage is a children's tale.

Historical Basis

When settlers arrived in the region, the lands were wild with lush vegetation and prosperous wildlife. With typical arrogance, the settlers presumed they had a right to the lands to do with as they saw fit. The indigenous inhabitants thought otherwise. Wild creatures would raid and feast upon the helpless domesticated farm animals. Trees would grow fast and shade farmlands almost overnight. The settlers would hunt, not only for food, but sport in order to "tame" the wilderness.   Five long and difficult years passed for the settlers and their numbers were halved. Many settlers were lost to the whims of the forestation and wild creatures. Others gave up and returned to the cities carrying messages requesting additional supplies and settlers.  None came.   Then one day, as the story is told, a great beast appeared in a field and demanded parlay with the settlers. He made an offer, to which the settlers could hardly refuse, to spare their lives in return for an end to the endless slaughter of indigenous creatures and elder trees. The offer was one of reasonable compromise, in which the settlers would renew the commitment to the beast every ten years.


The Beastly Homage is taught to each generation of children.  Every ten years, a ceremony reenacts the compromise made between the settlers and the beast.

Variations & Mutation

No variations exist as the details of the beast are nothing more than blurred and general descriptions.

In Literature

The Beastly Homage

  When the sun is nigh
and hanging high
the trees by wind do sigh.
  A beast of great size
on the plains shall he rise
to claim lands he does so prize
  many will stare
others will glare
but all an oath will swear
  the people will earn
the children will learn
the beast shall not be spurn

In Art

Painting and sculptures attempting to depict the battles and the scene of the compromise have been made and distributed beyond the village.  All images of the Beast are hazy, cloudy, unformed, and unrecognizable.


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