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Prophecy of the Champion

"[There comes a day when a hero shall rise from the snow, and speak as one the breath of many.
There comes a day when a sister shall lose her child to a broken oath
There comes a day when a vicious act shall bring an age of prosperity.
It shall be then that the forgotten ones shall reclaim what is theirs by right.]"
These words were allegedly spoken by Snurri Snowsong, the shaman of the Foxtail tribe, hundreds of years ago. It is cryptic, but most chiefs and shaman over the centuries have agreed that Snurri prophesized the coming of an Elven hero who will unite the tribes, destroy Hymbra, and reclaim the Elves' lost lands. The rest of the prophecy is generally interpreted as the hero betraying the queen or the sister of the king of Hymbra and killing the heir of the nation. Like everything in Elvish, the prophecy has a sing-songy quality and is considered a fine piece of poetry.   Every Elf knows this prophecy by heart from the time they are very young. It has the same effect as a national anthem for them - they know that one day they will have their revenge on the people who stole their ancient homeland and that they can one day leave the Wuthering Wights and back into the Black Woods. But until that day, the Elves bide their time and hone their skills of war in case the hero is born in their lifetime. Ironically, however, this prophecy is a reason that the tribes have stayed disunited and weak - so that the champion can unite them. Time will only tell if the Elves can overcome their superstition and act without a hero, or if Snurri did have prophetic powers and one day an Elf will champion their disunited people to reclaim ancient honor.


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