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Determinated by the Comet Sight

The Comet of Victorious is one of the brightest comet humans have ever seen. Because of its lifetime-long to encounter, every moment is meaningful. The people believes that whoever see it in the sky during that weeks will soon get a good life, and the opposite for those who doesn't.


Since the Comet has an orbital period of approximately 100 years, it became well known in every part of the world, especially the South Estisia.

Cultural Reception

In Political

The Valonians who named this comet, saw this as a good omen all the time. The rise of Valonia Empire was somewhat associated by the existence of the comet sight during the conoration. And for the next appearence, which is about 100 VE, they're willing to hope for it to give them a good omen once again.

When hoping so, the Century Festival is being held to wish them for a good luck to the entire generation to come, with spectecular shows and unforgettable meals.

In Religion

The folklore about the religion Luumism and the story of the glory empire refer to the comet sight. Folklore that the Luum and Limm become the one. In this period, the people who born during the period of the comet sight will be recognized as the special, and those who died will face an eternal happiness in the sky.

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The Lucky Second

If you were born in the late century, you'd be able to see the comet in your lifetime, as well as your grandchild, but your childs won't. By this fact it's also known as the Grandchild Star. As such, it came with the belief that the family giving birth to a grandchild would bring them a good fortune.

Depending on societies, its name is varies like the Grandson Star as well as the Granddaugther Star.

Comet of Victorious
Geographic Location | Jul 8, 2020

The once-in-a-lifetime celestial visual.


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