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Edutar’s Prophecy

The foretelling of Edutar's fall and the rise of the new protectors of Melior.

The Rupture was not the first global disaster to befall the world of Melior. Evidence shows a calamity far worse that dates back from father than any recorded history - such as huge scars that cut deep into the land and craters that pock the surface. As the stories go, after these wounds marked the world, the Creator made a golden guardian called Edutar to watch over the realm and make sure that nothing of this magnitude would ever happen again.   Edutar was never seen except for in times of great and dire need of the world, and oral histories depict him as a golden being with immense powers of the Creator that he used to perform wondrous miracles like calming a volcanic eruption that blacked out the sky, quelling mountain-high waves that threatened to wash away the land, or even untangling the furious spiraling winds of a great and terrible storm. Every story of Edutar always ended with the same line, which now has been made clear that it was a written prophecy that has now come true. Sadly, its source is uncredited and of unknown origin.  
“And so it shall be, until gold rains from the sky and enriches the land with new leaders.”
  This sentence forewarned of change that would eventually come - though many folks (particularly among the gutterborn) interpreted this as gold raining from the sky as money that would give the common people enough wealth to become leaders.   The prophecy rang true but fifty years ago during the events of The Rupture. As rifts opened up from unknown realms into Melior, horrific creatures and new magics were forced into the world causing chaos and destruction on a global scale.   In a dire moment of great need, Edutar appeared as a beacon of hope and began to close the rifts one by one. He tried with all of his might and will power to close a large, growing rift, but failed. His body was torn into fragments, they fell to the world as the golden Pieces of Fate.   The world mourned.   Those who collected pieces of Edutar’s fallen body became The Ordained and inherited the diluted powers of creation that the Creator had bestowed to the guardian at the beginning of The Unknown.
Date of First Recording
Mornday 1st Seedfall -800 U
Date of Setting
Thirday, 10th of Darkfall 514 2A
The Rupture
Military Conflict | Jan 15, 2023

The catastrophic and unforeseen event that wrought havoc upon the world, plunging it into complete and utter chaos on an unfathomable scale.

Cover image: The Eruption of Vesuvius by Pierre-Jacques Volaire


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