The Myth of Aramil's Armour

Hundreds of years ago, stories told, that a Drow, clad in a full set of dark metal armour came from the Underdark and by himself went on a conquest of taking down whatever was in their way - may it be a monster or town, nothing was able to fight back against the threatening drow. The individual's power had been remarked as being incredible, being strong enough to take on an adult dragon all by themselves and so the question of where they got their power arose. People who wanted to stop the drow realized it was their armour that made them so powerful. After many battles and attempts, all unsuccessful at trying to defeat the drow, a battle occurred in which the folk, finally using all of their knowledge from all of their unsuccessful attempts, were able to defeat the monstrous individual. It is said that the ones who defeated the drow immediately went to investigate their armour but as they did, it disappeared with six streams of light emitting from the body, each flying into the sky, in different directions. It's rumoured that each piece of the armour has a special property that only gets stronger when put together with another piece of the set. Although no one supposedly knew the Drow's name, they were named Aramil in the stories and their armour became Aramil's Armour.

It is said that one day the six pieces of the armour will be put back together and a legendary yet dangerous warrior will once again arise.

Historical Basis

There were locations where the drow knight went and destroyed, some of which are still in ruin to this day. Also, the group of people who came together to defeat the Drow Knight have passed down the story of what they'd done down through the generations.

Variations & Mutation

Although quite a drastically different view - there are stories saying that the Drow Knight was no villain and was actually only going after those who were evil and corrupt.
Date of Setting
~300 AIC

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