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"Codename: Firestorm"

Word has it that nestled deep, deep, deep within the Militech digital archives is a collection of files locked away behind so many layers of redactions and security measures, no one has a clearance level high enough to pull it out. No one.   Of course, you can't throw up that level of "something to hide" without attracting your fair share of cocky NETrunners, and over the years the folder has been picked up more than a handful of times, both with and without Militech getting wise to the hacks going down. A smart runner will realise what they've stumbled on, keep their mouth shut, burn their tracks, and probably stay permanently offline. One not so smart will find out first-hand why they should have followed the example of the first bunch, only, they won't live long enough to learn their lesson.   Even with all the hush-hush, it's still managed to become a bit of a legend with NETrunners, with the story coming back in circulation every so often. And many take the bait; be it blackhats wanting to get dirt on the military, novices hoping to shortcut their way to the top, or veterans looking for a challenge. It's just too tempting not to. Who cares if it means breaking into the Militech base in Washington to be able to jack in? Heists are the final proving ground of every edgerunner, and whatever information that's locked away even from the US government is bound to be worth the risk, right?   For once, yes. It's not just any old Militech dirty secret that's buried in those files. According to the runners who's managed to poke around in there and walk away, it's a black-on-white unravelling of the truth behind the nuke that razed Arasaka Tower and half of Night City. Video evidence, briefings, equipment procurement, reports, audio transmissions, the works. Quite the exhilarating read, to say the least, the revelations buried in that folder equal true power for whoever is able to get to it and make sense of it. Putting the pieces together once you have them isn't hard, the evidence is that damning - you just have to have the balls and the skills to to go for it.   It is said that only "the one true NETrunner" will be able to get the files out in one piece and leak them to the right people. Okay, no one actually says that. But like all good urban legends, it has an air of truth to it, and should anyone ever actually score a copy without flatlining, they would indeed have the power to completely reshape the geopolitical establishment. Topple the governmental military elite? Blackmail them? Or trigger another Corporate War? No matter what happens, it's guaranteed to be interesting, to say the least. Of course, someone has to actually pull it off first.

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