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The Return of the Gods

There is only one constants in the Churning World. That the gods are known to be real. The Churning World itself is proof of that. Not to mention the existence of their own children and remnants of many great works they have left that mark the world even to this day. No one, not even the Cult of Man or the Sun Mourners, reject their existence. What is hotly debated is their benevolence and their goals with the Churning World. As such there is no legend that has been interpreted in more ways than the Return of the Gods.   The story itself is a simple one. There exists a prophecy as foretold by an ancient demigod. One of the first. One of the few to meet the gods themselves. He Who Speaks Truths, orange of plumage and well respected among the demigods of the time, was the one to ultimately tell the mortals of the Churning World much of what the gods had told the demigods. He reasoned that they deserved to know the gods’ intentions and spoke even when the other demigods did not believe it was a good idea. For his trespasses he was executed by the ancient tribunal that has long since stopped existing. But among the last truths he gifted to the mortals was this; that the gods would one day return to set right the world they had created and to free us from the Great Wheel.   How this has been interpreted varies a great deal between various groups. True believers will tell you that exactly what the demigod said is true. The gods will return, fix the many issues plaguing the Churning World, and then open the doorways that will allow mortals to leave this world to a new, lush planet with a true sky and its own Sun and Moon. They believe this new world to be a paradise with endless resources where the Ironfolk will no longer starve and where the magic of the gods will be free to be used by all.   The Cult of Man, steadfast in their cynical take on the gods, believe it to be an apocalyptic event in which the gods will look unfavorably upon the world of mortals and seek to forcefully re-shape it to their liking. Releasing mortals from the Churning World, in their belief, was a life they told the demigods so as to keep them under control. It is only by advancing in our understanding of the magics of the Old World that we mortals can hope to challenge the gods and fight for our freedom.   Most fall somewhere in the middle. The demigods themselves are especially divided. Many who enjoy the Churning World do not wish to see it opened up or to see their followers and slaves free to roam another world entirely, and almost none of the demigods wish to give up their status as the supreme power in the Churning World. What to do should the gods return is a subject of intense debate among their kind. Do they seek to challenge the gods with their own powers and usurp the role of godhood from their divine parents or do they submit to the celestial hierarchy and aid the gods in undoing the Great Wheel?

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