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The End of All Things

Long ago, a family journeyed west, past The Ashik'an Forest and beyond to where the dragon-land once lay. There they spoke with the dragons, ever-wise with the words of the Gods, who warned them of the end of all things.   "When the sky burns with the fire of war,
"And beasts clash with ghosts,
"And children are claimed by dust,
"Only then will peace be found,
"By the beasts and the ghosts,
"Seeking the end,
"They will enter the forest,
"And find the end,
"The end of all things."
  The family returned with their warning, speaking the dragons' song to the Queen, and the dragon-land broke free of the continent to journey alone. This was a sign. This was the warning. War will end us all.


The myth of the End speaks of a group of travelling Kalka'shar who journeyed west to the piece of land which has since broken away to become a large body of land to the west of the continent. There they believe is where dragons, who are considered by Kalka'shar to be demigods and messangers of The Five, used to and still do reside. The legend says that the family were warned by dragons that one day in the midst of war, Shifters and Kalka'shar would unite and enter the The Ashik'an Forest in search of a power that would end the conflict. They would find it, the dragons predicted, but the end of the war would also be the end of the Shifters and Kalka'shar altogether.


The legend of the End is to be kept secretive -- only the royal family of the Kalka'shar know of its warnings and refuse to share it for fear of causing hysteria and, perhaps, the end to happen sooner than they expect. It is rumoured that a past King has told the Shifters of the prophecy, but if this is true nobody is certain.

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Cover image: by Iván Tamás


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