The Spirit Court

The Spirit court is a folk belief in a court of Samin spirits that enters ones dreams and judges ones sins. The beilif follows in a long tradition of Anthrosaminism, antropmorphized gran saminism spirits that act on thier own almost like the gods of the Shar Granic Faiths.


The Spirit Court is a collection of folk stories revolving around the 6 Virtuous Aspects of Samin. Each asspect has its own personality and is ussally depicted as a chariture of the virtue it represents. The myths revolve around common people who are visited by the Spirit Court in dreams and the court revals ones flaws and imperfections. The court then allows them time to change. In almost all the stories the people fail to change and the court declares what will happen to them in the form of a prophecy. This profecy then invarible comes true and the person suffers the consequences. The consequences are fitting to the flaw that the court found. For example, a woman unwilling to sacrfice for the good of the comunity might end up being sacrficed.

Historical Basis

These myths comes from the Shar Granic Faiths which proceeded Gran Saminism.The Shar Granic faiths were a polytheistic faith filled with stories of the misadventures of the gods. As Gran Saminism spread through out the Plains of Tern, many people kept these stories around and adapted them to fit a monotheistic god with multiple aspects to his personality by anthropomorphizing the different aspects of his personality.


These stories have spread from the nomadic plains of Tern to the settled cities and villages of the Lake Resbort region. Most people reconize these myths as a good story and not reflective of the true nature of Samin. There entertainment value has caused them to spread widley.

Cultural Reception

While the stories have spread widely throughout the Yenari Empire, they are not endorsed by the religious heads and are in fact mildly condemned as not refecting Samin. Yet the preistesses do not crack down on the retellings of the stories due to the fact they most of them do teach valuble moral lesson. The Priestesses turn a blind eye to the spread as long as the telling is not spread in the temples.

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Spirit Court Dream by Giles Watson (CC BY SA)

Dreaming of the spirit court by Unkown (public Domain)
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Cover image: The Spirit Court by Unknown (Public Domain)


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