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Day of Nature's Return

When the sun goes black, plants and animals will leave the forests. Scared people will run, but they will be ripped by angry wolves. By the time the sun comes back, all Humans and Elves will be dead and nature will have won.
— The Prophecy

The Anti-industrial Movement belives that the day when nature takes the world back is close. They call it the Day of Nature's Return. However, they don't want to stop it. Instead, they want to destroy industry and technology so animals won't see Humans and Elves as enemies.

Historical Basis

Very few scholars investigate the prophecy. The few of them who do, theorize that the myth has its origin in what was happening during eclipses of the sun. During it, something drove the animals wild and fastened the growth of plants. The theory sounds probable, but it is impossible to proof. Since the Falling there have been no solar eclipses in Veneficia. That strange phenomena has been puzzling the astronomers for many years. Veneficia has a moon and theoretically there should be solar eclipses. However, for some mysterious reason, they don't happen.


The prophecy's exact point of origin is unknown. It is well-known throughout the world, but most people don't believe in it. According to them, it is just an old wives' tale from long ago. Talking about it in public is viewed by most people as a sign of madness and such people are avoided.

"The end is nigh! When the sun goes black, plants and animals will leave the forests..."
"Just stop, you madman!"
"You won't silence me!"
— A conversation on a street

In Art

Today, the prophecy isn't displayed in art. However, it wasn't always the case. In the ruins from the Ancient Era, before the Falling, images of wolves attacking people can be found. Some of them also show trees and other plants going inside the cities and covering the houses.

Date of First Recording
Unknown. It is believed to be ancient
Date of Setting
Future. Exact time unknown
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Cover image: Veneficia cover by julianuc


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
6 Jul, 2021 18:42

Cool idea to link the luddite movement with a prophecy. Regarding the lack of eclipse, what happens from an astronomical POV? We've had excellent astronomers since at least the invention of writing, so people would be able to observe and calculate what happened. Are the calculations exact, the sun and moon in their right place, yet the sun is always still visible when it shouldn't? Or did the sun and moon changed their course?

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6 Jul, 2021 18:46

To be honest, I thought about the lack of solar eclipses while writing this article. I still need to think about the causes. I think I will go with something magical as a cause. Sun and moon are still there, but eclipses don't happen

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
6 Jul, 2021 18:48

I was trying to come up with an explanation while writing my comment and I thought that it could be the rays of light that got bent and just move around the moon to still reach earth That would make the moon go invisible while it travels in front of the sun and no eclipse happen.

To see what I am up to, here is my civilisation challenge article.
6 Jul, 2021 19:46

Woah, interesting! Angry nature is not something you want to deal with. It's an interesting thought that there aren't any solar eclipses in this world anymore! A good article.

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6 Jul, 2021 19:54

Thank you