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The Origin of All

The events that are described herein are said to be so ancient that not even The First One himself was alive to witness the beginning, no, there's isn't a single being alive in all of the 3rd dimension who has witnessed them. One can wonder how they are known to be true, and such a question might be valid if it were any old myth, but given that Mars' very own prophet Rho, who has an infallible record of knowledge, first documented this, everyone has taken it to be true. So bless Rho for the tale you are about to hear and hope he will save us from the neverending conflict that will doom us all.


In the beginning, all was one. That is until The Most Perfect Being decided to separate reality into different dimensions. It then created gods to preside over each dimension and create as they saw fit.   For an uncountable length of time, all was peaceful. Until one day in the 4th dimension, a devastating weapon is ignited, and multiple dimensions are damaged in the process, with the 3rd being almost completely destroyed. The gods of dimensions 2 and 5 disconnect 3 and 4 from the rest of them, while TMPB collects the pieces of the old god and crafts it into a power it calls the Gift of Godhood, bestowing it upon Yeshua, the elder of the two surviving brothers. Though things were peaceful for a time, the war in the 4th dimension interfered once again and the 3rd dimension comes to an end once again. Yeshua takes his gift of godhood and bestows it upon a survivor he finds the most suitable, while Yehuda decides to create a realm of his own to commemorate the fallen from previous iterations of the 3rd dimension.   Over many many eons, the 3rd dimension is destroyed by the conflict in the 4th, and a new god is chosen by Yeshua to inherit the gift of godhood. The story comes to a sudden end, and the rise of The First One is left a mystery. Whatever the case, the implications behind this is that there's more at stake in the extra-dimensional war than first thought.


There is definitely more to this tale than chronicled above, but Rho refuses to tell it to anyone except the ones he trusts with this information. It is generally assumed that he's afraid of such knowledge bringing about mass panic.

Variations & Mutation

Some people have come to imagine what previous gods might have been like, even claiming that fictional worlds from various media were one of them.

Cultural Reception

Upon hearing this story, most Earthlings and Martians tend to be more motivated in assisting with the war efforts. Because this story comes from the famed prophet of Mars, Rho, and not a random propaganda ad, people are more willing to take it as fact. After hearing this tale from some of Rho's friends, other races have started to pitch in as well, realizing that there's more at stake than just the Human solar system.    


The idea for higher dimensions and such sort of came about over time. In my senior year of highschool, one of my classmates made me aware of the concept via a hypercube, and after that, I sort of just kept looking up videos about it. Of course, I have my own artistic take on it, though.   I'd also like to note that while I frequently take inspiration from Judeo-Christian material, I don't directly base any of my content from characters or stories in the bible. For instance, Yeshua isn't literally the Fatal Fate version of Jesus Christ, I just kinda liked how that name sounds.

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