The Monster Lord

Wow...I wonder if it's true. We'll have to try and trace this one. If the flute actually exists...we might be able to do something about the Monster Attacks


Long ago people lived in constant fear because of the monsters that had roamed the forests and open lands. A group of people was being attacked when a person with a flute appeared. The person played their flute and the monsters stopped and looked at the person. The people shouted to the person to run because they thought that he would be attacked by the monsters. He played his flute and the monsters walked away.   The people thanked him and he joined the caravan. Until he said that he had to leave. The people begged him to stay but he said that he could not. They promised to give him whatever he wanted if he traveled with them to where they were going. He agreed and continued to follow them. No monsters attacked them while he was there.   When they reached their destination he said that he wanted and the people could not give him that. He smiled and played on his flute. The monsters came and attacked. He was just another monster.   The Monster Lord appeared several times for more people. Sometimes he let some of the people go and so the myth of the Monster Lord spread. He was gathering a larger hoard of prizes than the richest dragon.   Until he disappeared. Nobody knew what had happened. He was never heard from again. But the whispers say that in the future the Monster Lord will return and take over the world.  


The myth has existed across the world for as long as people who could tell it have existed. This is a well known myth, even more so than The Crypt monster. Younger Dragons say that this is the reason why the Ancient dragons are searching for the Artifacts. They want to stop the Monster Lord from returning.  

In media

Many speculate about what happened to The Monster Lord and there are many both fiction and nonfiction books that speculate about what happened to the Monster Lord.   There is also a lot of art made of the Monster Lord. He is mostly depicted as a man but in some art, the Monster Lord is female or androgynous. He always has a flute. Sometimes it's jeweled covered and sometimes it is not.
Date of First Recording
The beginning of sapient species
Date of Setting


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