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The Goblin Ghost

Just before the outbreak of the First Interstellar War (IW1), the Goblin Queen, Sharisoha, declared that her son, Durga Mithrilblade, was divinely blessed and chosen of the goddess, Sudenitsa. His difference from other children? Albinism. The albino goblin became known as "Durga the Ghost" and legends and tales of his "mysterious powers", everything from mind-reading to phasing through walls, took hold among the goblins of the Dragan Syndicate.

When, or even IF, Durga the Ghost died no one is sure. He simply faded from public view and sightings became more and more rare, though they never completely stopped. 100 years after the end of IW1, sightings of a "Goblin Ghost" were the only rumours of a white skinned goblin and a prophesy surrounding the condition arose.

The goblin seeress, Juteta consumed sacred mushrooms and had a vision;
In the times to come, goblins will become more and more ground under the Balorian heel. The goblins will become little better than slaves to their Balorian masters and their lives will be cast like bones upon a drum. From the darkness shall come a savior, a goblin in white, that will bend the knee of Balorians and call them brother. He will carve our freedom from oppression with word and blade and lead multitudes of goblins against oppressive masters both Fomorian and not, and we will be free...
  The prophesy goes on from there but mostly becomes incoherent ramblings a few sentences on.


The basic prophesy says that a goblin in white will lead the oppressed masses of their brethren to freedom. Whether this means an albino, like Durga "Ghost" Bloodfist, or perhaps a holy man (with reference to white (healer) robes) is uncertain.

Historical Basis

The myth is rooted in the life of Durga Mithrilblade, who was so famous that he continues to be sighted right up to modern times.


The myth is wide spread among goblins of the Empire and more and more people are starting to point at Ghost as a goblin who calls Balorians brothers, and the unsatisfied grumblings are getting louder.

Cultural Reception

Goblins are very insular and most, outside of Fomorian scholars, who are not goblins have never heard or are just now hearing about this prophesy. The goblins have all heard it within the Empire, and many are starting to get hopeful about their prospects. Thus far, rebellion has been stifled by Ghost's propagandists, by insuring the people that "the time has not yet come", but even they cannot hold back the torrent much longer.
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Date of First Recording
7th of 9th Month 116 From the Founding


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