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The prophecy of Vralic's Destruction

For the eternally dying hunter to find peace, he must be defeated by a great warrior in single combat

  Vralic the Hunter is one of five known surviving true vampires. While far less famous than his sibling in blood, Vladimir the Conqueror, he is probably the second most famous vampire in Scarterra. Of the five known true vampires, Vralic is arguably the vampire that least enjoys being a vampire the least and yearns for a true death.   Vralic was a barbarian of a now extinct ethnicity of elves before becoming a vampire. The central point of their religion is that to secure a positive afterlife, a person must die an honorable death which usually means a death in battle.   After trying for decades to find an honorable death by picking fights with large groups of powerful enemies and failing to find an honorable death, he sought the wisdom of several oracles. Many oracles would not or could not tell Vralic how he could find an honorable death and as a consequence, Vralic slew a great many uncooperative oracles, a grave taboo against the Nine.   Eventually a oracle of Maylar told Vralic that the only way he could find an honorable death was to fight a powerful warrior in single combat.   Maylar's Testers promised a great reward for any warrior who could defeat Vralic in such a way.   After Vralic had slain dozens of challengers, challengers stopped coming.  Vralic also found himself beseeched by warriors who wanted to become vampires.  It's not clear how Vralic advertised this, but Vralic instituted a new policy that if a challenger does not defeat, but fights well all things considered, Vralic will turn him or her into a vampire.   Thus, the vampire lineage of Vralic was born.   Centuries later, Vralic is wondering if maybe the prophecy was a lie and he is being manipulated by Maylar because most of the Vralic vampire spawn running around Scarterra are Maylar affiliated, but Vralic is too stubborn to admit that he is wrong, so he is continuing with his practice of accepting challenges from all comers and bestowing vamprism on the worthy.
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