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Vralic the Hunter

Vralic changed his name after the reality of his new condition became apparent. His original name is known by no one today apart from Vralic himself and maybe the other surviving True Vampires. He was originally a barbarian elf ranger, said to be the last solitary survivor of a clan wiped out by demons. His tribe believed that those who died an honorable death in battle would get a blessed afterlife.    After his transformation into vampiredom he became utterly obsessed with seeking an honorable death in battle. After Malthias' death, he entered the Near Void seeking to slay every demon he could find with the hope that one of the demons could best him in combat. Unfortunately, with no blood to be had in the Void, he couldn’t travel far from Scarterra since a death by starvation would not be honorable. Also, given that he had no life energy to steal, Void Demons actively avoided fighting with him.   After over a century of not finding any worthy challenges this way, Vralic traveled to the Aetherial Realm to beg/demand The Nine's  help. Maylar promised to give Vralic the secret to his honorable death in battle, if he could defeat Maylar’s champion. Vralic beat said champion in an epic dual. Maylar told Vralic that he would meet his warrior’s death in single combat with a mortal and no other circumstance.   Vralic set up a territory around a forested area surrounding what was appropriately named the Challenge Cliffs. Vralic stalks the area for prey and guards his territory. On certain days of the year, Vralic reveals himself to would-be challengers. Everyone loses, but if Vralic deems a challenger put a good fight, he turns them into vampires instead of killing them outright. The details of Vralic’s Saga are known to few. The savage tribes near the Challenge Cliffs know that if they go there and fight well the Dark Hunter will make them stronger. By this point the thought of beating Vralic doesn’t actually cross the minds of most challengers though Maylar will supposedly bless whoever beats him, most of his challengers simply want to become vampires.   Vralic’s progeny rarely if ever create vampires of their own. Some say Vralic hunts down and destroy unauthorized grand childer and their makers, others say that his childer are barren. They usually become lone agents of destruction or they rise to positions leadership in small warlike groups. Vralic’s progeny are usually but not always warriors form uncivilized lands though warriors from civilized lands are welcome to come to the Challenge Cliffs if they so choose.
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