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The Day of Fire

Be at peace now, oh city of silver, but know that you fate is sealed. For one day, these streets and walls which you endeavor to keep so clean and pure will be roamed by the infernal creatures you were supposed to protect the world from. And when you fail to stem the tide, when you finally see your end, with flaming hands fire will rain from the sky and scour the foundations of the city of gold clean of your filth.
   -Unknown, The Third Era

Historical Basis

This small excerpt is thought to be part of the interrogation of a low born hedge witch captured by the Thrainish Inquisition sometime in the third era. There is no official recognition by the inquisition, or the greater government of Thrain, though most knowledge of the event was reported to the outside world by other countries whose spies had infiltrated the theocracy. All reports were dismissed as baseless rumors by the inquisition.


Within territory controlled by the Thrainish Inquisition, the details surrounding the day of fire are, as a matter of public record, non-existent. However, many who let it be known that they know about the foretelling find swift and timely ends, or are not heard from again.   In the wider world, the foretelling is not hidden, per se, but tends to be so buried in other, more important texts, that it is unknown to most except the most learned of scholars.

In Art

In the year 37 of the Fourth Era, the Thrainish Inquisition discovered and destroyed a cult of heretics operating in Westen, calling themselves the followers of the Eternal Lady. Among their posessions was a woven tapestry depicting an event similar to that of the day of fire, a shadowy figure with fire spewing from their hands onto a city, possibly Primus. Even under the duress of torture, none of the members would part with any information of importance, and were all summarily executed by being burned alive. The tapestry is reported to have been destroyed shortly afterward.
Date of Setting
The Third Era

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