Destroyer of Nonogawa

The year Shibasaki Yukiko turned 20 her grandmother, Shibasaki Tamaki (a Yuurei at the time), had a vision that would shape the future of her family and that of the town they live in. Every vision and prophecy that Tamaki had came true. She was the best prophetess in Hokkaido, though people feared her having a vision of them because the prophecies were often dark.  
A mighty dragon rose out of the river, towering over the town below it. Its anger burned so brightly that the dragon's aura glowed an intense red. The words it spoke I could not hear, but its shouting shook the valley. Then it opened its jaws and devoured the riverside buildings. A glowing sphere trapped the people and kept them from running away.   I could not bear to look at the aftermath. But Yukiko and a man beside her were the ones to speak to the beast. Upon hearing their words, it slumped to the ground with an enormous crash. Together they woke it and brought peace through a magical and spiritual cure. For the man, her husband, was strong and a good compliment to Yukiko. Her husband taught her much in the arts of healing.
— the Vision of Grandma Shibasaki Tamaki

Reaction to the Prophecy

Yukiko shuddered at the thought of facing a dragon. Though, knowing she would not face such a powerful spirit alone brought her comfort. She wondered what kind of man she would encounter that would have the fortitude to help her with such a daunting task. She also feared repercussions of the prophecy becoming common knowledge. What would happen if those around her found out? Would they think she was the cause?
Telling / Prose
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Date of First Recording
26 years before Umeji Tatsuya comes to Nonogawa
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Author's Notes

How do you think the villagers would react if they found out before the prophecy came true?

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