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Ptlomethia's Prophecy of the Goddesses' Reincarnated Souls

When Cailan's blood meet in unification
And two sisters will be born,
The Godesses' souls will be awaken in their reincarnation,
The sky will turn red, as humans of Agia will no longer mourn.

- Ptlomethia's Prophecy


Ptlomethia's prophecy came to be, when the Dynbodaul of the world were devastated because of a human had killed the two Goddesses by tricking them. After twenty years with no Goddesses to guide them, they started to look around the Dynbodaul realm for anything that could help them relieve the grief and figure out what to do. It was for the first time in history, that the two churches of the religions Lasfydd and Lesfydd united to find an answer for their common problem.

When they came to the land of Magaun, they found a dark-skinned woman with purple eyes and golden tattoos. She told them, that she could help them find answers, but it was not a small task to forsee something, therefore she demanded several offerings and promises written in a mixture of blood of those in the higher hierachy of the churches, gold and ink, to seal their deal.
The first promise was, that no church members were to hunt down her daughters in any ways knowingly, otherwise their church members were to succumb to the fate of Emptiness. The second promise were that they had to gather as many people possible, and make sure they believed in her powers in their heart, and make sure no attendees did not fear what was going to happen. It was almost an impossible thing to do, but they managed to find over a hundred people who actually believed in her. They sat arond in circles around the cirle where large quarts were placed in close formation. No one except her Daughters were able to see what was going on inside the circle, but when the sky turned black and Ptlomethia was lifted up from an unknown source, and both her eyes and her tattoos were lighten up, she spoke the profecy with a thunderous voice.
Slowly everything went back to normal, except it was one of her daughters who came out to talk to the leaders of the churches, telling them, that Ptlomethia had passed away from using too much of her powers, but the leaders had gotten what they wanted, and returned to each of their homelands after annointing her the Hailan status in both religions, and buried her.

Historical Basis

This legend is rooted in an historical event. The Dynbodaul species suffered a lot during the first two decades after the Goddesses' deaths. Chaos was everywhere and the children of Cailan, the Dynbodaul who suppossedly had killed the goddesses, were hunted down. Luckily most excaped, and when the prophecy was told, the children were sought after by the churches so they could oversee their lineage and keep an eye out for the prophecied sisters. The churches even tried to force the children of Cailan together in order to make children of the same blood, but it was not successful, and most females of Cailan's lineage died either in childbirth or by the grief that was brought upon them, had they miscarried.

But some part of the legend is convoluted, like what Ptlomethia demanded by the churches and has been rewitten for the public ears. The churches now tells their members how Ptlomethia volunteered and that she was a firm believer of the goddesses. Her sacrifice is honoured by most monasteries, where some nuns chooses Ptlomethia as their chosen name. Also they often uses her as an example, when talking about the greater good, which is mostly the greater good of the churches.


The legend is a common knowledge to most of the Dynbodaul race and Ghrefeim but the other First are not really interested in these religions since they are living on the other side of the Chasm of the Beast and the spread of the religions are not easily being spread to that side of Agia.

Variations & Mutation

The legend have not really changed much since it was written down in 21 AGD, but the churches uses the legend as a form of propaganda, leaving the details of Ptlomethia's demands out, and of course adding details that can benefit the church as well.

Date of First Recording
Year 21 AGD
Date of Setting
Year 21 AGD


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