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Cavern-Dwelling Dwarves

Cavern-Dwelling Dwarves (also known by many as Taungoun Elves) are relatively short beings who primarily live in Forest Caverns of Taungoun.


Major language groups and dialects

Most Dwarves speak the common language of the land in which they reside, but very often they will resort to Elven [or Dwarven] Tongue.

Shared customary codes and values

Dwarves are sly in nature and often allow their mischievous spirit to roam freely. While it is more common for them to use their deception upon others, it is not unheard of for them to trick their own kind. Most Dwarves join or assemble clans of those whom they deem trustworthy. This can be comprised of neighbors, family members or various misfits who have not been accepted by their kin.

Average technological level

Though they as a people appear very simple, they are actually quite advanced. They utilize their resources and wit to achieve their goals. Their craftiness is also so acute that they are often thought to practice magic; another reason many people refer to them as Elves.

Common Dress code

Many Dwarves are very scrappy in appearence, using various scavenged fabrics or natural items from the forest around them to piece together outfits, weapons, and armor. There is no set uniform Elves shouls wear, but it is easy to tell a forest elf from a city elf.

Art & Architecture

Most Dwarves burrow in caves or make homes among the trees.

Common Myths and Legends

Dwarves are referred to as Elves by many due to their connection to nature and their mysterious tendencies. They are suspected to know and perform magic.   Since most of them live within the Forest Caverns of Taungoun, they are thought to be guardians of the plants and minerals that develop there. This includes Stinnramm Trees that can only be cut with a Diamond-Tipped Axe, along with several minerals that form within the underground caverns, Ufane chief among them.   Because of these factors, their culture is either highly revered or extremely feared by those who come to know of them. The Dwarves use this to thier advantage, offering their services and skills for a price.


Beauty Ideals

Most Dwarven folk wear no makeup or fancy clothing, but, in taverns or near bustling towns, you may occasionally spot one in more spiffy attire. This is done more to fit in with the scene and appeal to the locals than for the Dwarve's own enjoyment. Though some prefer the dapper look, most are more partial to comfort and convenience.
~An Excerpt from~
~Syndri's Guide to the Botanical Curiosities of Wynsumehord~
...When people seek out the skills and wisdom of the Elves, they are typically nervous about whether or not they can trust them. These folk are often very desparate; something that the cunning Dwarves naturally use to their advantage. Even still, the enlisting of Elves is extremely common because they posess skills and resources that none can rival. Considering their supposed magical abilities to forge weapons and tools that no other beings have been able to achieve, there is no question why many flock to them, including myself. I did so when attempting to collect material for my armor. To complete my project, I needed to utilize Stinnramm Treebark, which, in fact, is nearly indestructable. This bark can only be burned slowly over time or chopped down with a Diamond-Tipped Axe, so I saught out an Elf to supply me the latter. His price was steep, but certainly worth it for the even he loaned the axe to me. I had to return it before sunrise or I would have met a very worrisome fate, according to the Dwarf anyway. But the armor I crafted was strong, durable, and quite a lovely work of art, if I do say so myself.... but, yes... where was I? Oh. The Stinnramm Trees...
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