Advent Calendar Progress

My Advent Calendar Prompt Progress   1. Building / Landmark:   Describe a building in your world is used for leisure pursuits? What does it look like, and what do people do there?  Mudwurth's Tavern 1078 WORDS       2. Character:   Tell us about a famous explorer in your world. What did they discover?  Master Moriel 519 WORDS         3. Military Conflict: Write about a conflict in your world known for being unprovoked or unfair.    Demise of Edwistburg 566 WORDS         4. Document: Tell us about a religious text in your world.  Journal of Friar Belfstian 472 WORDS         5. Ethnicity:     Describe the common symbols and color associations with a culture in your world.    Gardinbeaufians 337 WORDS         6. Geographic Location:     Describe a geographic location beneath the surface - what can you find lurking there?  Forest Caverns of Taungoun 528 WORDS         7. Item:     Describe a historically significant piece of jewelry in your world. What stories does it carry?  Helen's Necklace 408 WORDS         8. Language:   Share some common idioms and phrases from a culture in your world.  Elven Tongue 621 WORDS     9. Material:     The richest people in the world build monuments from this stuff. Where do you get it and what special properties does it have?  Ufane 519 WORDS       10. Military Formation:   Describe a military unit in your world that is famous for its unique ranged weapon.  Sceadu 558 WORDS       11. Myth / Legend:   Tell us a myth or legend about how your world came to be from a religion, cult, or group in your world.   ✅ Broga's Ute 356 WORDS       12. Organization:   Describe a famous criminal organization and the unlawful acts they commit in your world.   Lads of Ceosan       13. Profession:   Reviled or revered, describe a profession that causes strong reactions in a culture.   Shallum       14. Rank:   Describe the Rank and responsibilities of someone who's considered "in charge" of an organization, religion, or settlement in your world.   Ealdenpriest       15. Building / Landmark:   Describe a ruined structure that nature has reclaimed. What was its original purpose?   Beytnawic Tower         16. Species:   Write about a dangerous insect or animal in your world.  Slumadragon 478 WORDS     17. Settlement:   Describe a bustling market settlement in your world. What can I find for sale?   Staorkaup Markets       18. Vehicle:   Tell us about a famous wreckage in your world. What happened to it?   Wreckage       19. Settlement:   When people say "the middle of nowhere" or "the frontier" what settlement name do they use?   Grotig Pyrre     20. Condition:   Write about a condition caused by an insect or animal's bite.  Heomenome 603 WORDS     21. Technology:     Describe an invention in your world that helps people with disabilities.   tech       22. Tradition:   Tell us about a popular parlour game played in a region of your world. What are the rules?   Drunken Fool         23. Building / Landmark:   Create a building which is feared by a culture of your world.   Wahstrehite Watchtower       24. Character:   Tell us about a famous animal in your world - how did they get to be so famous?   Kora the Great       25. Species:   I want to adopt a cute pet in your world. What is it and how do I look after one?   Tasol Frog       26. Organization:   Tell us about a famous entertainment group within your world!   Misfits of Taungoun       27. Tradition:   A non-contact sport or game - anything from carriage racing to golf!   Haraka Maahe     28. Geographic Location:   Create an area of outstanding natural beauty in your world!  The Other Side 574 WORDS       29. Myth / Legend:   The ultimate love story - Romeo and Juliet, Venus and Adonis, Kanye and Kim....    The Legend of Temira and Katan 660 WORDS     30. Geographic Location:   Describe a geographically or meteorologically unstable region of your world   unstable       31. Building / Landmark:     Write about a pub, hotel, inn or tavern... Who stays there? What's the food like?   inn


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