Master Moriel

Master, Teacher (a.k.a. Morry, Mort)

Master Moriel was one of the prominent teachers at the school that Magnar and Syndri attended as lads in Dryhtenhaven. He uncovered some of the secretive ways of the Firgenholt Woodsmen by spying upon them and covertlty exploring their forests. He also discovered and further expanded knowledge concerning many of their plant and animal species.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is particularly healthy, which he contributes to his usage of plants.

Body Features

He is not very tall, but not short. He is not very thin, but not thick.

Facial Features

He is an older and slightly wrinkled man with golden spectacles.

Physical quirks

He has a magical and mysterious smirk. He often stays quiet and observes, then completely obliterates everyone with an outburst of indisputable knowledge. He also gets very giddy when working in his lab, shivering around with excitement, leaping from place to place like a young and fidgeting child. He laughs in a grandfatherly jovial way, and is a respected elder to all-- even those who are annoyed by him.

Mental characteristics


Master Moriel attended school himself, but a lot of his knowledge came from exploration and experience.


Moriel was employed at the school in the Ealdenstead of Dryhtenhaven as a schoolmaster specializing in science, history, and geography. He possessed a lab dedicated to botany and geology. Here, he would perform tests and experiments, expanding the horizon of what the peculiar plants of Wynsumheord could be used for. Syndri spent much time here after school, growing his love for animals, plants, rocks and gems.

Failures & Embarrassments

Moriel was never the fighting type, thus sympathizing with Syndri who often told him of his father Havardir and brother Magnar; how they wished him to train in combat, how they seemed to look down upon his various hobbies that were very similar to Moriel's. Moriel encouraged him, even reinforcing his theory on how science and smarts can aid in battle, especially plants.

Intellectual Characteristics

Moriel was very skilled in scientific knowledge, further exploring the uses of plants in medicine, cuisine, and even war. He did also know a tad of zoology, keeping a few small birds and reptiles in his lab.
Current Location
Current Residence
Presented Sex
dark wheat with streaks of gray
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
slightly tanned
5' 8"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages

In addition to the common language, Moriel also knew some of those secret Dygolyphs from his covert explorations of the secretive Firgenholt Woodsmen


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