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My Summer Camp 2021 Worldbuilding Pledge Document

Which project   are your worldbuilding efforts tied to?

I plan to primarily focus on Secret Agent Someone; a modern-day spy action-drama-romance-suspense novel. I have so many projects in so many genres jumbling around in my brain, and so many of my characters are crying out at once, begging me to let them out, to share their stories with the world. I want to work on Wynsumheord also, but I need to focus myself on one project or I may never ever complete anything at all.    

What worlds are you working on?

The current plan is to try and complete the prompts using Secret Agent Someone first, but if there is a prompt that instantly clicks with a concept in Wynsumheord, I may choose to complete that one instead.


Which area of the worlds are you working on?

Secret Agent Someone is set in present-day Earth, so there is not much deep worldbuilding to be done. Nevertheless, there are devices, weapons, bases, villains, spies, agencies, and other things that may be able to file under some of the prompts. Who knows?   And, as I said, if there is a prompt that is way too fantastical for the modern-day normal world, I will roll on back to good 'ol Magnar and Syndri. Essentially, I'll divert the prompt towards any section of Wynsumheord that can cover what our realm cannot. The bros have got my back!


How much are you aiming to complete?

I don't consider myself diamond or die, but I do plan on going for the gold... and then the diamond. (XD) I won't be too hard on myself if I don't make it, but I will try my best while still taking care of myself and being realistic.  

When will you write?

My life is busy, but, if I stop overhinking things, it should be relitively easy to log 300 words a day. My plan is to complete AT LEAST one prompt per day during my lunch break. Other writing time can be squeezed in at leisure, but that is the schedule I want to devote to most definitely.  

Who is your support network?

I love the wonderful community we have here on WorldAnvil, but I will also have my pals at, and the NaNoWriMo folks (they've got a camp running simultaneously and I'm going to use word counts here to help towards my goals there)! Last but not least, my absolute favorite internet peeps of all, the special ones who are members of my discord server. If you'd like to join, click here!  

Everyone is welcome!


Organizing my Worldbuilding

I am creating categories in my world to help organize it better. Wynsumheord already (KINDA? XD) has organization... but this world is new and clean from scratch. I will create folders for WILLOWISP Agents, Rivals, Allies, Locations, Weapons, Devices, and more. I want to start off very generic, but I will expand as the prompts guide me.

  Personally don't usually like to put generic placeholder pics in my worlds. I just quickly draw something or just don't put anything there until it's done. But, I'm not a person who's super focused on aesthetics at the get-go anyway I guess. ('XD) Nevertheless, I'll put some art that I already have ready for the Secret Agent Someone project below.



I have created some case file art and will add more soon.

I will try to work on maps later, and, as for the sample article, you can take this one. I will basically fill out the fields as I have done before in Wynsumheord etc. I don't really have a structure to articles beside that.

My Article Release Plan

  I will share my article progress with my Patrons, Discord Fam, and WorldAnvil followers. I may also post some links at my Prose profile
Check out my website for links to all socials!   Consider subscribing to my Patreon to support my latest project. An awesome project is in the works!   Follow me right here on WorldAnvil for frequent updates!   EDIT: I already had a schedule for my Patreon plans in a spreadsheet, but I took the time to embed it all into a google calendar that can now be found on the homepage of this world.  


Thanks for reading my little pledge. Have an exuberantly blessed day and happy camping, everyone!

  Magnar and Syndri art by me, Wynsumheord logo made by me, Secret Agent Someone photos done by commissioning a professional photographer (bought permissions, I now own the work) edited by me, World Anvil Summer Camp Logo and Diamond Shiny (badge) by World Anvil. Fire photo by me, WILLOWISP badges art by me. All rights reserved.


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