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Answers to this prompt

The Heresy of the Guided Hand

by Lethann

The World Egg

by tjtrewin

Born from a Lotus

by thechangeling

The Broken Dream of Wala-Kofa

by Ononomad

Dragon Eggs & Other Tales

by RiverFang

A Request to the Skies

by Naelin

The Time Before Time

by David_Ulph

The Creation of Chryphóra

by Kaleidechse

The Awakening of Form

by Angantyr

The Garden Tender

by DapperCapricorn

The Worldbuilder's Masterpiece

by Rashkavar

Awakening of the Land

by Eallixy


by bugholders epiphany

Songs of Creation

by SyntaxChick

The Forming of the Isles

by Frogdrake

The Water What Became Man

by eccbooks

The Wintersong of Tyrg

by LauraVAB

Our Lovers in the Sky

by CassandraSojourn

Tasa Jalawa Ka // The Mother B...

by Monkos

The Grand Architect

by phd20

Broga's Ute

by Wordigirl


by ynix

One World

by hughpierre

Sērbaka Creation Myths

by Anpumes

The Creation of the World of C...

by RPGDinosaurBob

12 Finger der Cilak

by Drake Ragon

Ár Mbreith

by xtremepsy

Athiss' Creation

by Tecknaragnes

Avani's Side of Cerilia's Crea...

by Shell Mel

Celestial Pantheon: Creation M...

by Javon_Calton

Creation Myth of Akun

by Nikandros

Creation Myth of the Rotteskel...

by moss47

Creation Mythology

by franghiskhan

Creation of the Planes

by Lucasbg

Dark Gods Creation myth

by Lillithwolf

Die erste Alge

by Racussa

Die Schöpfung

by Eule


by Alresu

Fligbug Takes a Holiday

by Shaudawn

How The Universe Came To Be

by Valcin

Into the Void

by Zidahya

Life, Death, and The Beginning

by BookMaster4

Mera's Sacrifice

by Lenna Richards

Myth of the Storyteller

by NorthWhiteWolf

Scaraquan Story for the Origin...

by Scalenex

Schepping volgens de Meltzer

by Jacob-W


by TureTauren

The Attuning

by Ba'alIgnia

The beginning

by BasicDragon

The Book of the Black Library

by GregHiggs

The Creation Myth: Religious

by Wolfspirit1993

The Creation of Oblinostra

by Vaz9422

The creation of our world

by Neo_Fluff

The Creation of the Dwarves

by morgan7991

The Creation of the World of T...

by alfonso_rd_38

The Draconic Creation Myth

by thesouthtwig

The Dragonic Text of the Pull

by DwarfL0rd

The Egg of the Old Ones

by kitoypoy

The First Fear

by Paul Norris

The Force Above the Gods

by Tayos30

The Great Experiment

by Lady Grayish

The Great Seeding

by Ulfviir

The Jewel of Rejuvenation

by Gapsule, Ruler of Flying Battery

The Landing

by Tuisku

The Legend of the Four

by Lady Grayish

The Myth of Dona and the Celes...

by Moondare

The Nine Emanations of Creatio...

by Forjgenon

The Plane Chaos and the Harmon...

by Rootzz

The Prayer of Somara

by ShiningHammer

The Protection

by Worldkeymaster

The Rise of the Gods

by Soviet Icewings

The Salvation

by Sunflame

The Tale of Kior Aun Laghuun.

by JHB1993

The Three Brothers

by Crowfangs

Tilling The Garden

by kdgillespie14

Von der Geburt Navaleas

by Stampi

Ysil and the Elven Dawn

by jayvalentine

Zenith Creation Myth

by Phil Bumblesmith

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