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The Forming of the Isles

In the beginning, there was the open sea. The eagle, the ram, and the lady looked upon it. The eagle saw it was good, for he could hunt in the waters. However, the lady asked where shall he land, and he had no answer. So the ram drew the land from the sea, and created the Tescaries. The eagle sat upon the rock as the ram looked upon his work. Unlike the waters, the land drawn forth by the ram had no life, nothing to draw its bounty except his friend, the eagle. So the ram brought forth beasts from the sea, and gave them legs. He bade forth the trees and the grasses for the beasts to feed upon.   At this point, the ram was satisfied. The land was vibrant and populated as the sea. Retreating into the land under his command, the ram went to sleep. The lady looked upon these works, and felt something was missing. Though the isles were populated with beasts, there was nobody to appreciate such works. Nobody could speak of them. So the lady went to the largest island drawn forth by the ram, and gave birth to Acaren. However, Acaren was so grateful for his creation that he wished to do nothing more than create a monument  in the lady's honor, so she brought forth more. These Children of Uni spread across the isles, and formed the clans, spreading the tale of their creation with them.   At last the lady too was satisfied, and she rested.


This story, in its general form has been part of Tescarana mythology for as long as anyone can remember. Repeated over campfires long before anyone wrote it down, the Tescarana creation myth belongs to a mythical past. Though modern Tescarana are aware that this myth does not exactly square with their current knowledge of the size and multitude of peoples inhabiting the world beyond their isles, the Tescarana still believe in creation by the three in some form, and that the story has been recounted imperfectly by ancient Tescarana.

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24 Jan, 2021 00:45

This is a great creation myth. I love how modern Tescarens are like 'this is not entirely accurate, but some is true.'

24 Jan, 2021 00:46

*Tescarana, sorry!