Mera's Sacrifice

In the beginning, Hollow Dha'Kuman looked out only upon a world of shadow and flame. Knowing it was not enough, he called upon the stars for aid. Mera, the brightest eye of the night and mother of all stars, offered to him the help of her most beloved children to build an alliance with the forming world below. And though, glad to be of service, on many nights still her tears fall to the surface of Tenrashé to nourish her children's new home and thank them for their sacrifice.


The Triumvirate Three, Mogul Lord Vaerin Krios, Shade Regent Corwin Ae'dreth, and Grove Warden Fortissima Gaea'tu together falsified this legend to justify the harsh conditions that the Sif endured. This allowed people to treat them as lesser, as they were put on this planet to serve them under the command of the Othé, their gods.

Historical Basis

The historical basis for this is Hollow Dha'kuman, who stole the Triumvirate from Gargant Cal'phar and was one of the original founders of the world all people live in today. He is seen as the head of the entire endeavor, though it was Galkabrar that united the world in peace, rather than through war, as Dha'Kuman wanted.   Mera is simply a myth, something the Merata clung to to make their horrible lives have meaning and hope.


This myth began long ago, but only took root in society when Vaerin Krios constructed the Oculathi, whose wide spread influence was used to fan the flames of this myth.

Variations & Mutation

The only known alteration to the myth is that Mera worked alone to create this world and it is by her grace that all things live, Dha'Kuman wasn't even a player.

Cultural Reception

The myth in high society is used as an excuse to treat the sif poorly, but to the sif themselves, it is used as a weight of guilt. They are useless save for their part in the advancement of the Triumvirate.

In Art

The story is depicted within the Pri'agor, a glass merchant courtyard in front of Domum Krios. The images were created out of color glass, depicting Dha'Kuman and Mera together and the creation of the Triumvirate and all of Tenrashé.


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