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The Attuning

The Attuning is the tale of how the original version of the world, known now as the Hidden Verse, came to be, ranging chronologically from the actual beginning of the world itself to the first attunement, namely the Primordial godlikes, to the building of the world using the Primordial elements as building blocks to create a perfect balance among them.


The Multiverse, in the beginning, was just one Verse, known simply as the world. In this time there were twenty unique entities. Ten of these beings were the godlikes, the divine beings of the world. Five of them were the elements, the building blocks of this new world: Light, Darkness, Water, Earth, and Wind. The final five entities were the elements' sources, the focal point of each of their power, and the origin of all energy in the world. These sources were the first physical things to exist in the world: the Sun, the source of Light; the Moon, the source of Darkness; the Endless Ocean, the source of Water; the Steadfast Stone, the source of Earth; and the Whirling Wind, the source of Air. Five of the godlikes reached out to the elements, absorbing them into their being and ingraining them into themselves. This was known by the people of the Multiverse afterwards as the first attunement. These newly attuned godlikes gave themselves names, each forming their identity based on their attuned element and gaining a title as well as an honorific: Primordial and Ba'al. These godlikes were now known as: Ba'alIgnia, the Primordial of Light; Ba'alNocta, the Primordial of Darkness; Ba'alAqua, the Primordial of Water; Ba'alTerra, the Primordial of Earth; and Ba'alAera, the Primordial of Air. This new attunement allowed the Primordials to shape the world in any way they wished, and to even create smaller, mortal beings from them. With this power they built a world filled with beauty, a perfect balance of all elements, and magic.

Historical Basis

This tale is just the beginning of the book, A Truthful Account of the History of the Multiverse, a legendary record theorized to be written by one of the godlikes themselves, though any surviving rendition of it would be fraught with inaccuracies or biases. The original version was said to be perfectly objective and without bias of any kind, but perhaps that was the true myth in itself. The second chapter goes on to explain the beginning of mortal existence in the Hidden Verse as well as the roles the wandering godlikes, now known as the Alchemicals, played in settling the identities of mortals by interacting with them in various ways.


Any living person who knows the full tale is likely already immortal or a godlike themselves. There are few archaeologists who know more than just a few lines, but even that is an accomplishment in itself.
Date of First Recording
The first recording of this event is theorized to be written before the First Separation
Date of Setting
Before time was conceived or perceived

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