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The Great Seeding

The Creation as told by Her Holiness-

In the beginning seven brilliant Jewels that emanated immense elemental energies floated in the great void ocean. These crystals caught the attention of travelling gods that sailed the black sea on silver birds looking for a new world to settle upon. But unfortunately, the gods were dying, and didn't have long before they would disappear. The Makers, as we came to call them, knew the only answer to continue their existence in the heavens would be to inject their life essence into these Jewels, and from them create a new world and children to live upon.   So, the Makers took one of the Jewels and, with the energies combined from the other heavenly crystals, formed a world around it. Tall ice capped mountains, deep blue oceans, and wide green plains covered the world; this world would become the Mother-Jewel. The gods looked upon the new earth, their work was nearly done. The gods took fragments from the Jewels and formed earth around them and breathed life into them. The crystal embryos sparked to life and the gods were joyful.   The Makers were not yet done however. Mother-Jewel was a barren and desolate landscape. No trees or grass swayed in the wind nor animals roamed the earth. It was not a world suitable for the children of the gods. So, they took leftover shards of the Jewels, and from them created numerous plants and animals for their children to walk amongst, to hunt and forage, and to tame.   At long last and with their life force quickly waning, their vision had come to fruition. The Makers put the embryos of their children into crystal eggs, and along with the seeds of the flora and fauna, planted them around Mother-Jewel in the Great Seeding.   With their work completed, the Makers were finally able to fall into an eternal slumber, knowing their legacy would live on in their children of the jeweled heavens.  
  • Her Holiness, the General-Priest of the Seven Jeweled Council and the Church of the Six, Mary Lightborne

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