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The Dragonic Text of the Pull

Their is an ancient text, in the castle's, secret library of Portland that describes the phenomenon known as the pull.   Within this ancient story compiles the history of many dragons as well as the documentation of a sage who journeyed the land for answers to questions.   As the brave sage collected tales of the dragons, she began to notice a trend. During each of these wildly exaggerated tales, all of their beginnings included what is best described as this pull. Through this pull they all began their perceived dominance over this land they found themselves drawn too. Notable this is Pull coincides with current timelines suggesting some of these dragons are older then the world itself. "documented Date 2374". Although the oldest know documentation in the world is 117 Many such dragons mention of a time, before the start off the calendar we use. None of the dragons provide tales or examples of memory's before calendar date 0 although insistent that their was one.   All evidence we have suggests that all of our time keeping began at year 1. Many ancient monuments display this year one as well as consistencies among all known society's.   Upon taking my questions to the clerics, and divines inquiring, about this pull my answers were vague with no direct reference to such pull or other calender's.   The elves however provided different results for they had no physical text describing such pull or other calendars. The revere of children often depicts times, that do no make sense within the confines of our calendar in addition to what might be described as this pull.   My conclusion of all this is their is physical and magical evidence in the world describing and depicting this year one start of time. Yet their is circumstantial evidence suggesting a before times. What the implication of this all mean I do not fully understand.

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