In the dawn there was no form,
Light, nor Darkness, Space, nor Time.
Love, nor Hate, nor Complex, Trivial,
Only Æter's twisted dance.

Òran dùsgadh,
Òrain òrduigh: the mythology of Tæn

The Awakening of Ædeos

In the beginning, there was no form. In the beginning there was no Void. There was only Primal Æter - eternal, undisturbed and uniform, the endless sea of evertangled forms.

From within the turbulent waves surfaced the shapes of the preserving Continuity and the sharp Distinction. Even though separated from the Primal Æter, the Continuity strived to rejoin. But, alas, the Distinction wielded a sharp sword and has split the Primal Æter into two separate beings: the continuous Æter and the distinct Void. For it is he, who separates, that is the most alone.

As if guarding its precious treasure, Distinction remained on the outskirts of Æter and formed a post. The Void had no form, nor any capacity to assume it, and thus through Distinction all forms gather inside Æter and no being is permitted to enter it forevermore. Long has pleaded Continuity, the eternity of eternities, before the time was born and finally Distinction agreed and left his lone post to venture the immense Æter. Thus, with the first inhabiting Æter, Ædeos was born.

But his nature was not that of bond, and before long from Distinction and Continuity separated yet another eternal being emerged, Time. The one, who wields the sword of Distinction and wears the robes of Continuity, with no form to be called, the last of the True Eternal Forms.

It was Time, who freed from the Æterial chaos the very first of Free Forms: Change and Quiescence. And Change resembled Time more than anything that was ever meant to exist in the Ædean world of form, and the two were known to walk always side by side. But Quiescence was shy of nature and did not engage in action. And yet, surprisingly, it would always be a few steps ahead of Time and Change, always letting them pass by, while viewing the still and intact world.

One time, when Distinction followed the fleeing Æter it spotted Quiescence admiring the marvels of the everstill Æter, frozen by its presence. And that bond and love infuriated Distinction, and by the blow of its sword shattered the admired Æterial form, shattering into innumerous fragments of Space. Thus, the many dimensions were born. And each time a fragment fell and shattered it bred yet more, but fractal dimensions. Change was the witness and became the saviour. Each and every piece of Space was folded back into its place, but even so, could not be given back their solid form of one. Under the touch of Change the cracks have sealed into the scars. And from this touch between Change and Space was born Motion.

The Awakening of the World

Before the world was set in motion, there was no clay, nor fabric from which it could be formed. In was not until Physical and Immaterial came to be, of which the latter swallowed a large portion of the existing forms, hiding them away from the Physical. But the connection of Physical to the now Immaterial forms could not be cut and it from then on, the World of Touch is bonded with the World of Senses. Such way the foundation of the material world came to be and before long there appeared Force and Inertness, which in turn gave birth to Solid and Liquid.

Force held the spark of creation and since its birth admired the infinite facets of beautiful and complex Space. In time it befriended many forms, at times very distant at the first site. Thus came to be the innumerous forces we know today: the material forces that govern the Laws of the Physical World and the immaterial forces that govern the Laws of Feelings and Relations.

Both Solid and Liquid took a lot after Force. They both buried themselves deep into Ædeos and sought the spark of creation. Unable to find it they fell into a deep slumber. And as they dreamt, their dreams took roots into Ædean form, feeding on Æter and sprouting forms yet unseen, unthought. Such were formed the Two Trees of Ædeos: the Tree of Constancy and the Tree of Flow. Over time they drifted from each other, forming separate lands which they oversaw. The Lanf of the Tree of Flow became later known as Tanitris. What remained of the Land of the Tree of Constancy remains hidden in the Mists of Cognition.

Millenia have passed shrouding the world in the purest of Blindness'. And after a long time, the currents of Æter caused the Force's Net to vibrate and tangle, sending waves of shivers to the vast ends of the world. From this first dance appeared Light. And from Light, True Darkness was born as all dark cannot be without bright, as war is nothing without peace. From those pieces the sun and the stars were molded and gently hugged by the darkness, thus decorating the night sky as we know it today. Before long the elements came to be. Earth and Water, Fire, Wind and Metal all set in the eternal motion of space and time.

The Awakening of Life

First unfolded the simplest of beings - the exceedingly small dandellions of mold, the little fragile grains of green algae, the crispy coat on the sour milk. They then began the biggest of known works of the living - from sharing and cooperation all higher beings came into life. Born into the material world, existing in the planes of both - physical and immaterial. None has known their purpose to live, and none was given to them. Through endless wanderings, pains and pleasures, their dwellings were uncovered. There appeared skirmish and help when food and shelter were scarce. Time passed weaving upon the warp of death and formed the fabric of life as is known today.

As the world was formed by the Living, there came the vast oceans and immense forests, mountains and caves. But though the sun shined upon them and the moon measured the months, there were no seasons to start and guide the circle. Each has carved its own piece of land and shaped to its needs. And none would dare change it, as none would oppose the only King, ruler of the ocean depths and boundless skies, mountain caverns and immense forests.

The Awakening of Seasons


The first was Àncéarmâr, who ruled over the whole domain of the living. When the Land of Spring was still young, the mountains were still emerging strongly piercing the clouds. Bold were the stones that have hidden many treasures from the sight of the living, bold enough to mock their Lord. Àncéarmâr's paws were strong and hard, and crushed the granite walls with ease. He ripped his way into the throat of the earth, uncovering the precious stones and the veins of copper ore. And there, in the depths, a single colorless gem opposed his devastating will and resisted. The King was infuriated and struck with even more power. But the gem was was a perfect shield and Àncéarmâr's claws a perfect weapon, and both have cracked away onto the cold cavern floor.

The pain was immense and flooded the champion with exhaust. He turned towards one of the caves, where the great topaz crystals decorated the walls and fell into a dreamless dream. He awoke into the dark which his eyes could not pierce anymore and turned towards the outside world. With each step the clattering sound echoed behind him to go faster. The light blinded him at first, and when the eyes adjusted, he saw that his strong paws were no more and in their place appeared tough hooves. And from the claws and the first shed blood of the king was born the Spring Marmot - SvÍs and his are the mountain territories and Spring meadows.


Àncéarmâr was returning to his lair on the Great Island of the Bélyà Backwaters. The place was rich in fresh water from River Bélyà, which spread through this area, quietly brushing through sands and stones. As it was in the Land of Winter, and the cold wind was running between the trees, the roots were covered with sharp blades of glass-like ice. As Àncéarmâr crushed the colorless crust with his antlers and was emerging onto the land, when his hoof slipped on the rocks the crystal knives. He forced it out, crushing the backbone, but leaving a deep cut in his leg.

The warm blood melted the icy shards sticking to the open wound and mixed with the clear waters of Bélyà, depleting his once unmatched strengths. Àncéarmâr layed down on the island to regenerate his strengths and it was not until the New Moon that he awoke from his slumber. He got up, feeling his body was much lighter than before the sleep. Alas, the massive tail that let him explore the deepest depths of water domains, was no more. Such came to be the Great King of Water, Ithrós the Blind, who shaped the underground waters and governs the floods.


When the storms and the black anvils of clouds dissolved into nothingness, Àncéarmâr flew high into the sky. His strong, wide wings grasped the air with a firm grip, pushing the sturdy body with ease and grace. The swind himself bowed to the Àncéarmâr and lended him strength, whenever he visited the domain he oversaw. Alas, not everyone was content about the current state of things. One of such creatures was the Déalànaich, the ruler of Storm and Thunder.

Before Àncéarmâr visited the Fields of the Feather Clouds, Déalànaich arranged with Núàrtà, the the ruler of the Fields, to participate in the race up to the sun. Noone could match the strong wings of Àncéarmâr, and thus he was sure of his success. But sly was the wind, and the blindfold on the Kings eyes was thick. The higher he flew, the less friendly the terrain became with thin air and powerless wind. Núàrtà, who stretched his dispersed powers to the possible limits, remained a step behind Àncéarmâr, faking the lack of strength and praising the strong will of his King.

Before long he rode deep into the domain of Núàrtà, who only then closed the grip and rendered his wings powerless. The fall began and no winds could break through the defenses and save their King. And as he approached the land, the black clouds of Déalànaich gathered to greet him, and greet him well. Àncéarmâr understood too late, but would not yield. Mustering his strengths, he loosened Núàrtà's grasp and tried to outrun the Scattered wind of North. Fast was Àncéarmâr, but faster Déalànaich's storm. The lightning struck and smoldered one wing and weakened another, sending the King towards the ground. The storm has passed, the Sky kingdom lost.


Exhausted, Àncéarmâr layed below the nearest tree, his wings widely spread on the ground. As in dream he saw how one by one the smoldered, black feathers fly away, each with a deep, harsh caw. Such, the crows came to be. As if his sight was wrapped in a veil of misty light, he watched his second wing dispersing into a thousand larks. Such, the first Summer Larks came to be. And when one intoned a comforting tune, his brothers and sisters accompanied him, forming a beautifully complex song, praising light and day, and warmth. And to this song slept Àncéarmâr a dreamless sleep until the Fall has come.

The moon has changed thrice before he awoke. The trees were blushed red as if forevermore setting with the tired sun. He stood up shaking away the thin rustling cloak of the beechen leaves. His head felt firm, his posture strong, though through the long months the kingdom was lost. There were no swift wings to lift him high up to the sky, nor strong paws that could crush the solid stone. He lost the strong and sturdy tail that made him the King of Seas. And thus, ended and began the Fall of Àncéarmâr.

Thus the Four Kings of Seasons came to be. The Summer Lark - TÍlÍâr, the Autumn Stag - Àncéarmâr, the Winter Catfish - Ithrós and the Spring Marmot - SvÍs. Together they rule over Sky and Forest, Water and Land.

As we struggled to push back the Æterial chaotic form, there occasionally surfaced its deeper, vicious and disturbingly unknown form. The Primal Æter we called it, as it resonated with our souls with a mælström of contrasting feelings and perception.
— Gwýllîth, The Tamer of Æter

Cover image: by Michael Weidner


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An interesting read you have here. I think it makes a lot of sense but is fairly dense prose and takes a bit to get through. I found it cool how the Concepts came to be and created each other. Although I would be curious about what kind of civilization would create such an abstract creation myth!   An enjoyable read!

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