Our Lovers in the Sky

The Creation Myth of the Nyütlo   Before the Nourisher, there was Infinite and Two.   The Wind without end. And the Light of every color. And as the Wind embraced the Light, a breeze trickled through Light and into the Barren Dark. And then the breeze began to grow. The breeze began to spin. And the Wind engulfed the Light and the Barren Dark shook. The Wind and the Light, they intertwined. The Wind and the Light, they diluted. The Wind and the Light, they embraced once more. The Wind and the Light became One Hurricane.   Before the Nourisher, there was the Infinite Hurricane. It knocked through the Barren Dark. Chaos and Change. It spinned and it swirled and it spiralled as it swiftly sped through the stygian stillness. It drew tight and condensed as it compressed into a twister. Lightening struck through the Hurricane. And like lightening strikes the sand to form glass, the Hurricane became the Nourisher.   Of Light and Wind, the Nourisher was every color and one. Shining bright, like white light. Alone in the Barren Dark.   And so the Nourisher cut off their hair. Like strands of iridescent thread. And flung it across the Dark. And so the Barren Dark glittered with the light of the Stars. And the Nourisher felt Bliss.   The Nourisher named their creation Dushë and the Dushë set off to explore the Dark. But as they journeyed, they grew bored of what they saw. Endless eons of ink with nothing new to explore. Because the Nourisher loved their creation and because they wanted to please them, the Nourisher cut off their body. So all that was remained was a head.   From this they created earth.   The Dushë were overjoyed with the earth and began to explore anew. But overtime, they grew bored once more. The earth was interesting but they had nobody to play with. Because the Nourisher loved their creation and because they wanted to please them, the Nourisher cut away their head so all that remained was a face.   And from the head, they created the Nyütlo.   The Dushë were overjoyed with their new playmates. They shared their secrets and taught them of life. And overtime, they were not bored. No, the Dushë felt Bliss. And when they mated, the two beings created their children, the Dako. But the Nyütlo could not sustain life; they needed sustenance to survive. And so, the Dushë began cutting off pieces of their body to feed their lovers.   The Nourisher saw this and cut out their eye. They threw the rest of their face to earth and from it sprung the animals, which provided the Nyütlo with the nourishment they needed to sustain life. And the Dushë were overjoyed and the Nyütlo were overjoyed.   But the Nourisher was not.   They had given all of themselves to their creations. And their creations forgot them. Dushë and Nyütlo no longer looked up at the Nourisher but into each other’s eyes. And now they were alone in the Barren Dark. Able to see but not embrace. Able to observe but not speak.   And so they began to weep. When their tears did not stop from their single eye, it began to rain upon the earth. And the earth flooded from the tears. When the Dushë saw this, they finally looked up and saw that the Nourisher was in distress.   And so the Dushë kissed their lovers goodbye, leaving a Blissmark so that they would never forget their touch. The Dushë promised that the Nyütlo would follow them to the sky and find Bliss once again. But until that time, they must seek Bliss on the earth with one another. The Dushë embraced their children, the Dako, and told them to help their lovers remember.   The Dushë returned to the Barren Dark, bringing speckled light across the sky once more. The Dushë embraced The Nourisher, bringing the first rays of day.   And the Nourisher wept no more.   The flood waters subsided and plants grew from the light of the Nourisher’s tears. Creeping higher when the Dushë's daylight embrace creates day. Overjoyed to bring Bliss to the Nourisher once more, they embrace as the sun rises. But the need to explore is strong in the Dushë, so they travel the Barren Dark at sunset.   As time passed, the Nyütlo forget their lovers’ touch. And when the Dushë look down, they remember what they lost and weep. This is why we must always honor the Dushë when it rains. So that they will know we still love them. And when a light streaks through the sky, it is a Dushë returning to visit our world.
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Cover image: by Felix Wegerer


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E. Christopher Clark
14 Dec, 2020 13:13

Really interesting! On a rather small note, I notice you have one instance of the Nourisher using a he/him/his pronoun ("The Nourisher named his creation"), while the rest of the time they use they/them. Is that intentional?

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14 Dec, 2020 15:06

Not intentional. Thanks so much for catching it! I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your support.

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