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Ár Mbreith

(Irish) Our Birth

Ár Mbreith is the self-perpetuated myth for the origin of the Halfling.  
Originally there was darkness.
But the darkness was nothing.
It did not know how to be anything else.
For before it was nothing.

Into the darkness, a song.
A song of being.
A song of earth, water, wind, and fire.
A song of power.

From the song, something.
From something, the world.
From the world, life.
An embryo and a seed.

They grew.
One into a horse in the sea.
The other a great oak on the land.
And they longed for another.

At the shore they met.
More life was conceived.
And from a pool in a cliffside cave.
The Halfling came.
  In childbirth, the equine parent died.
The other grieved.
They couldn't bear their children.
So they took to the sky.

Historical Basis

Through miracle, chance, or sub-conscious memory of ancient things, a portion of the story reflects the true history of Olutanri.


Common knowledge of Halfling and any of the "civilized species" within Seclora that cared about the story. The myth is continued or paralleled by Fearg Aiféala Mór-Ríoghain, depending on who you talk to.
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Mór-Ríoghain and Crann Beatha

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Author's Notes

Worldbuilding Advent Calendar 2020 - 11 / 31
  Inspired by Frank Mills' "Oran Mór: The Primordial Celtic Myth" and Orna Ross' "A Celtic Creation Story" as opposed to Irish/Celtic mythology Wikipedia, Mythopedia.

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