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Life, Death, and The Beginning

Eons ago, higher beings created the universe. Each planet was blank and exactly the same as the rest. The Beings roamed the universe creating life and shaping planets; giving this one lofty mountains and that one vast seas. They created animals and plants and lesser beings and helped them explore and take care of their world. After a time they would move on to the next world. When they got to this planet, they did the same thing. They created the Common people and the Rain people and they watched them grow. But one day a great storm blew in with great blue clouds and the rain that poured down was not clear. It was infected. Soon the metallic blue water replaced all the other water so there was nothing left to drink. The higher beings wanted to move on, they had created the People and it was up to them to figure out how to survive. But some Beings were attached to the People, they did not want to see their creation wither and die, so they stayed behind. Together the People and the Beings worked to figure out how to make the water so that it could be used. Eventually, they discovered that the water could be burnt off and then collected, clean and pure. But the process was slow and there was only enough water for the People. Having stayed on the planet for so long the Beings could no longer leave, they wasted away, guiding the People until the very end. And when they died, the People buried the Beings in the ground and covered them with sand and rocks or planted trees above them. The People were alone, but now they had water and with it a chance at survival.


Higher Beings created the universe and the People. When tragedy befell the planet some Beings left to build another planet, some stayed. Those that stayed helped the People and ultimately sacrificed their lives for the People.

Historical Basis

The only evidence left is the sand dunes, mountains, and the tall trees in the forest which are said to be the tombstones of the Beings who stayed behind.


It is told in some form or another throughout the Upper and Lower Regions though each people group tells a slightly different version.

Variations & Mutation

Every people group has changed the story to fit their geographical landscape. To the Rain people, only two Beings stayed and became the two tallest trees in the forest, the Being's final gift was the last of their energy to make a home for the Rain. To the Sand people, the Beings became part of the world and are seen more as gods than merely other life forms. To the Rock people, the Beings did not die but merely transformed into People and became part of everyone. That is why being with others is so important to them. They believe that when the pieces of the Beings are close together good things will happen.

Cultural Reception

The Sand people worship the objects they believe the Beings turned into, believing they can gain insight and good fortune from studying and venerating them. The Rain people believe you must get the Tree's blessing before making life-changing decisions, there are certain rituals to determine if marriages or coming of age rites are valid. The Rock people believe in community and always being with or near others. Their lives are reflective of this.

In Art

There are many paintings, sculptures, and carvings depicting the Beings and their ends.
Date of Setting
Thousands of years ago, at the beginning of the planet

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