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The Landing

The landing was the arrival of the Settlers on Chaac c {planet}.     During the centuries following their arrival the history of the Landing confused and mythified in various ways. Successive leaders have used it to further their political goals. The happening has become mythified just like the ancestors themselves have started to become almost worshipped.

The myths tell vague memories of the Old World, the long years of travel through the empty space, and the many hardships that the Ancestors had to face on the pristine new world.  


The statues on the Ancestors are placed all over the settled lands, and they are popular places of pilgrimage. Doing the pilgrimage is for a common settler like getting to meet the historical figures in person. The most popular place of pilgrimage is the Mausoleum of Päivö Venemies, who was among the first poeple who arrived on Chaac c. The Mausoleum is a marvel of the ancient architecture, and includes a huge glass dome that offers a spectacular view of the stars in the rare moments that the skies are clear of coulds.  

Some known facts

-The initial population was a standard colony of 150 settlers, with some more that arrived later. The first settlers are beleived to have become the high class people, and the later the working classes.
-Initially the colony was under a strict rule from the Earth and had frequent contact with them, but later they lost interest in the colony.


The landing marks the beginning of the Settlers' existence on the planet, and the beginning of their existance as a separate race / culture of people. The Anniversary of the landing is celebrated each year. The current common Settler calendar is also count from the Landing.

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