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The Jewel of Rejuvenation

Tell us a myth or legend about how your world came to be from a religion, cult, or group in your world.           It is commonly known that planet Mobius-2 originated from a cloud of gas and dust in the early solar system. As to how the planet formed life, is another question altogether. Most people think that it was just a fluke, a near-impossible occurrence. But some religious groups, cults, and things of that nature believe otherwise. Take, for example, the Chaosians. This religious group believes that long ago, a tribe of Echidnas was tasked with watching over a mystical gem that was the originator of all life in the world. This 'Master Emerald', as it is called, has rejuvenation powers, which are unrivaled in all the known universe. The Chaosians worship the Master Emerald, along with its group of other gems called the Chaos Emeralds. They believe that a deity called Chaos lives inside the Master Emerald, and he was responsible for the life on Mobius-2.          Another example is a well-known group called The Cult of Darkspine. They worship a supernatural spirit deity that goes by the name of Darkspine. The current Darkspine has been in power for 100 years so far. The previous Darkspine passed the throne down right before he died. Before the old Darkspine perished, he told the Neo Darkspine a story about how the first Darkspine brought life to the planet. Now, this story is passed down from each Darkspine, and all of his followers know it by heart.       Yet another example is the mainstream scientific way. People believe that billions of years ago, clouds of gas and dust coalesced to form a protoplanet. The baby Mobius. Over the course of millions of more years, and thousands of fiery, destructive collisions, the planet was almost ready for habitation. A few more hundred thousand years passed, and the planet gained an atmosphere. Water collected on the surface, and now we have the planet as we see today. Life evolved and here we are. As you've just seen, many people have many ideas about how life came to Mobius-2. Some decide to go the scientific way, and some others decide to believe in deities. No matter what people believe, Mobius-2 somehow evolved life and is now a beautiful blue marble in space.
The Jewel of Rejuvenation is a myth-turned-truth that apparently is responsible for life on the planet Mobius.

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