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Ysil and the Elven Dawn

The Elven Dawn is the origin myth of the Elves, providing an explanation for how they came to inhabit the Planos Materia. It describes the voyage of a sage named Ysil and his followers through a crossing-point from the Planos Sylvanis. Most Elves see it as an explanation for their origin and their differences from the native species of the Planos Materia (such as long lifespans), and some even see it as proof of their superiority over the sentient species of the Material Plane.


It is said that a great willow tree grew in the gardens of Caeth'lann's palace. The Queen of the Iladra, Caeth'lann forbade any of her advisors from touching this tree, for its branches were said to bestow wisdom on any who held them, and she wanted to keep its power for herself.   Ysil, the seventh and most junior of the sages, wished to gain some of the willow's power, and so he cut down one of its branches and crafted it into a staff. However, injuring the tree caused it to wilt. Caeth'lann, returning from a long journey, came back to find her beloved tree a shadow of its former self, and wept. She demanded to know who had committed this crime. Ysil, with his immaculately-carved staff, confessed to his queen, hoping for mercy. Caeth'lann banished Ysil from the palace and from the Planos Sylvani, forcing him to flee to the Material Plane. Ysil took with him his tribe, the Ysilli, and together they arrived on the continent now known as Ysillia. It was there that they forged the civilization of the Old Elves.


The story of Ysil and the Elven Dawn is well-known to many, especially Elves, but even peasants of the Three Cities or the Empire are familiar with the basic story.

Cultural Reception

To non-Elves, the myth is just a story, albeit one that conveniently explains how the Elves came to this world. However, for many Elves, this origin story is one of the core components of their racial identity, and to suggest that it is false or an exaggeration can be poorly received. Despite this, some scholars, even some Elven scholars, are beginning to look into the verifiable aspects of the myth to try and attain its veracity.
Date of Setting
10,000 years before the First Age
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