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Dragon Eggs & Other Tales

Creation of the World

When the gods first came upon Isekai, the world was tucked inside the delicate shell of a Dragon egg, a translucent shield that glowed like a rainbow. As the impatient gods watched, the egg slowly cracked and wobbled, hatching a new world for them to play in. It is us Dragons they created as they waited, placing us upon the earth long before the others as it is our egg that granted them their wish, a new world, untouched and pure.
-From the teachings of Kallex, kept by the Metallic Dragons
  Nearly one million years ago, the world of Isekai was found by the gods, ready to shape and mold into the world that they wanted it to be. It was a world like no other, one filled with lush flora and deep valleys and lakes. Isekai was a beautiful world full of magic and wonder, perfect for creating and building upon, letting the creations of the gods run free.  
The world tree of our lush forest is the center of our world. From its great branches, the world sprouted, reaching far into the heavens until the gods recognized the grandeur of our fledgling world. They came to our world and made us, the fair folk, to care for the tree that had given them their children in the world.
-From the writings of the Unending Scroll, kept by the Elves
  The world was one found by the gods. They did not create it, but they added their children and made their mark, building upon the verdant world that had fallen into their hands. Here they built their greatest creations, filling the world with intelligent races and their kin. Here, the teachings of the gods ran wild, raising the children of Isekai in the image of the gods.  
The world came to Crommel in the form of an ethereal anvil, ready for his working and mounding. He brought the behemoth anvil to the others, and with Crommel's hammer at the ready, the gods built the world that they dreamed of, stone by stone, leaf by leaf. Only through the mighty hammer of Crommel do we all exist, mere imperfect creations of a perfect tool.
-From the writings of the Dwarven kings, kept by the Dwarves
  But if the gods did not create the world, then where did the perfect world known as Isekai come from? Who created the verdant world that so gratefully accepted the words of the gods, of Crommel's Hammer, of Lycana's dance, of Kallex's magnificent scales? What entity had the power if these gods did not? What created Isekai and so freely gave it away?  
██████████████████████████████████████ Isekai. ██████████ itself, ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ magic █████████████████████ gods, ██████████████████████████████ creation, ███████████████████████████████████████████ Scar █████████ Isekai. ████████████ lord █████████████████████ own.
-From the writings of an █████████████, kept by the █████ himself
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Creation of Isekai
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Historical Basis

The creation of the world is a topic that many cultures speak about, but each story varies greatly. From the Metallic Dragons to the Elves to the Dwarves, these stories are very unique to the individual group, often including the god that they worship. It is unknown whether any of these stories have any historical basis as only the gods know the true origins of Isekai.


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