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The Creation of the World of The AllGoddess

In The Beginning, There was nothing, but then, an unheard voice said something, and after that, light exploded, and, for unending time, the raw materials of Creation were just there, but then, the soft presence of the AllGoddess stood before it, and she frowned, as for all its beauty, the raw materials of life were wasting away across the time before time existed, so the AllGoddess took it and slowly molded it, creating time, space and the beyond.   After she defined Time, Space, and Reality The AllGodess started crafting The Heavenly Plane, a place where she could reside, soon after creating the Mortal Plane and an unnamed plane that later would become the Craxil Keep.   After Creating the Planes, The AllGoddess created the world, filling it with the plants and the beasts, the ores and the gems, and finally, the humans.   After creating the humans, and upon watching them gather themselves from afar, The AllGoddess felt alone, so She birthed her first daughter: The Life Goddess, diminishing herself a bit in the process, as, she used a bit of her incommensurable power to birth the Life Goddess, making all life the Young Goddess’ Precept and Domain,   The Life Goddess found herself admiring The AllGoddess’ creations so far, and like with her Mother, humanity fascinated her so that she wished to create her own people, to that end, the Life Goddess took some of the beasts, and remade them, giving them sentience, molding them into the shape of humanity and, as a gift for those directly born from her, the ability to birth new life outside of their original shape, thus the werecreatures came to be, endless as the beasts, imbued with humanity’s traits, and The Life Goddess saw that it was good.   The AllGoddess, meanwhile, kept looking at the Mortals, witnessing how the werecreatures and humans coexisted, yet bickered like children, the first claiming superiority for being born from The AllGoddess herself, the others claiming to be the superior race, as they were the best combination of Human and Beast, so, The AllGoddess decided to end the conflict by expanding her family and, with the Life Goddess’ help, a second Goddess was born: The Truth Goddess.   The Truth Goddess, watching the bickering, found herself appalled by the mortal’s behavior, and as the loving, yet cruel Goddess She was, descended to the Mortal Plane, faced both Humans and Werecreatures and used the Power she inherited from her mother, revealed the first great truth: Before the AllGoddess eyes, all mortals are equal.   But, as The Divine being that was the Truth Goddess faced the Mortals, in the Heavenly Plane, The AllGoddess found herself giving birth anew, as, as the mortal’s populations grew more and more, it became obvious that even the Allmighty AllGoddess shouldn’t have to deal with the nuances of handling her world.   From this, a new Goddess was born, one out of Love for all that it was, and the Love Goddess became to be, her influence quickly spreading across the Heavenly and Mortal Realms, making the Mortals learn what it was to love.  
Excerpt From "The Book of The AllGoddess". The Church of the AllGoddess.

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