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The Plane Chaos and the Harmony Deity

It is said Midarion is a moving world, like a marble shooted through elemental planes. Absorbing from the planes it visited, Midarion was pure chaos, a discontinued mix of the six elements : Fire, Water, Air and Earth, but also Light and Shadow.  Seven brethern deities saw Midarion's situation and said "no more of chaos, this tiny marble needs to find its place." Assigning a brother or sister for each element, the 6 olders tried to bring some order and make their elements cohabit. But some being oppsite by nature, tensions arise between the brethern.   The younger sibling god, now, was one of the silent kind. He observed his elder mastered each their element, embracing their magic and connexion without trying to understand each other. He saw, where elements clashed, a strange beauty happening. Formations of material elements. The arcana, and the first traces of life. For the first time, the younger deity spoke up :   "Brother, sister, we had it all wrong. The elements shall not be separated. They belong together, they create together. If this world wants to find its place, it is not by choosing one, but by balancing all."   The 6 other gods listened, and tried. Staying away from the elements, the younger deity made sure every element had its fair share, and everyone had their turn of glory. Thus began for Midarion the era of life, brought upon by the 6 elemental gods, and the 7 one. The Deity of Harmony and Justice.

Historical Basis

Before being this world's god, the "siblings" each belonged to a plane : as for the seventh one, he hasn't joined them but has been born from the element clashing in the material world, making of them the first alive creature. This is more of their child than their sibling.


It is known through all of the world, a common tale taught in every school and of course religious cult.

Cultural Reception

It is seen not just as the cosmogony of the world, but as a tale about the importance of following Order, to not let Chaos win or you will miss out the important.

In Art

Many tapestry depict this event, and in churches for a specific one of those gods, there is also murals or stained glass supposed to be the elemental plane of this specific god.
Date of Setting

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