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The Myth of Dona and the Celestial Wind

The creation myths of the Alven clansmen are certainly a mixture of Hearth's long-forgotten stories and the beliefs of the now-extinct people who the Alvenites call the Ancestors.

The orthodox myth about the creation of the planes and the universe concerns mainly the gods and goddesses the Alvenites call The Celestial Gods. These are primordial deities that predate the birth of most gods in The Pantheon of Alven.

Celestials are generally thought not to have been born, but to have forever existed outside the planes of existence. The key figure among Celestials gods for the Alvenites is Dona. Dona is the mother to the main deities of Alven.


Dona is a Celestial or transcendent deity. She exists outside the planes and can travel at will between them. On the other hand, it is generally thought that she cannot materialize in any of the material planes or take a concrete shape or body.

She personifies the creative spark, all that is life and energy in the universe. Being an entity of immense powers, she can create worlds and the gods are her children.

The Creation of the Plane

For the Alvenites, the world is made of different planes that people of flesh and blood cannot cross unless they are allowed to by divinities who can freely move from one plane to another. This is how clansmen of Alven explain the arrival of their species onto this plane from a place they call Hearth three or four millennia ago.

They believe that Dona created this world and allowed humans to move in and take possession of Alven. How Dona created this plane of existence is one of the most well-known myths of the Alvenish culture.

Dona and the Celestial Wind

  Dona had been walking the Planes for many millennia and had fallen asleep after eons of creation. It seemed she was all spent after creating worlds of unbelievable beauty and wonders.
The Planes were suddenly very quiet: worlds came and went, dying of their own accord until there was nothing left in the universe except the darkness of The Underworld, and The Twilight Plane where life was never truly real or dead.

The Universe was dying while Dona slept and forgot even her own existence. However, while asleep, Dona's breath started to fill the now-empty universe, and in time, transformed itself into a gentle breeze.
The breeze became a wind, and soon, the wind a storm. The storm woke up the goddess, and she named him The Celestial Wind. The Wind was other to Dona and soon, she fell in love with him.

Together, they had eight daughters and three sons:  The Divine Hags  and The Three Makers of the Alven Pantheon. They set their sons and daughters to oversee their new creations. Once more, the planes were filled with wonders and beauty and rang with the music, words, and noise of the Created. This was The Age of Light.

The Loss

    The Age of Light ended when Dona lost the Celestial Wind to The Ruler of Time. The Ruler of Time is the Celestial god in charge of the passing or stopping of time. He had always been in love with Dona, but she had never returned his favours.

Dona had preferred to while away her existence in sleep rather than be shackled to the tyrannical demands of his reign. The Ruler of Time had become extremely jealous of the Celestial Wind whom he saw as a rival.

The Ruler spoke to the Celestial Wind and promised him new planes where his insatiable storms could invade and reign. The Wind listened to the Ruler and followed him into The Maze of Time where he is still lost, raging at his misfortune and foolishness.

Dona was inconsolable at the loss of the Wind and withdrew back to her bed-chamber in The Forever Keep , which is her home among the stars. The worlds are slowly dying again without her care. This time, however, her sons and daughters are able to carry out her work in a fashion, and The Waning of the Worlds will come ever so slowly.

The legend says that the Celestial Wind may find its way back to Dona, and all will be well again, a New Age of Light will begin, and the planes will be filled with beauty and light once more as they were at the Dawn of Times.

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