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Celestial Pantheon: Creation Myth

Excerpt from The Path of Enlightenment

During the Age of Darkness, no light existed in the universe. Many immortal beings of darkness within the inky void sought a way to disrupt the eternal comfort of darkness and nothingness by bringing light to the universe. These beings, the Benevolence, came together in a unified search for "Enlightenment". Many other beings of the darkness sought to end this search and preserve the Age of Darkness. This conflict, existing out of time and before space as we knew it, was the War of Enlightenment. The efforts of these Dark Ones were ultimately in vain as the Benevolence discovered the one true path to Enlightenment during the struggle.   Once the mysterious path of light was obtained, each of the Benevolence chose to spread across the galaxy and follow the path individually to bring their light across all of the darkness. Each of the Benevolence erupted into beautiful points of light that could be seen across the entire universe like beacons to lead others through the darkness. The kindest among them gave of their new, gas-like forms to create new worlds where strange, vibrant life could grow and seek the Path to Enlightenment just as they had. Thus Light came unto the Universe.   All was not joy, however. The dark ones, finding the Path to Enlightenment, sought to destroy and consume all that the Benevolence had granted. They corrupted and twisted the Path to Enlightenment to be the Path of the Void. Following this true path of destruction, the Dark Ones ascended to ultimate forms of Consumption and Destruction: Black Holes. In this, they may always oppose the creation that the Enlightened Ones bring until the galaxy.   The Cleverest Dark One, seeing that the Path of the Void was not enough to destroy all and restore the Age of Darkness, corrupted his form to become the current of Time that all, including the Benevolence, may one day wither and perish to restore the Age of Darkness once and for all. His was the slowest transformation, still taking place to this day, and once complete will all things end and the Age of Darkness resume once again.
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