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Tilling The Garden

Tell us a myth or legend about how your world came to be from a religion, cult, or group in your world     In the Beforetime, the world was lifeless and empty. It was nothing more than an expanse of flat gray stone in the Void Sea.   When the Mother saw this, She wanted to shape it and make it beautiful. So She alighted on the stone and began to dance to the Song living in Her heart. Beneath Her feet the stone ground into soil, and took shape. Hills and valleys and the deepest parts of the oceans were carved into the face of the world by Her steps. And so the rhythm of the Song became one with the land itself.   The Mother liked the shape of Her sculpture, but it was too still for Her. So She sang the First Verse, and Her breath became cloud in the cold of the Void Sea, and the clouds rained upon the world. Water flowed into all the deep places and filled the basins and ran in great streams through the hills, but the water did not know the rhythm of the Song as the land did. So from the land She took a handful of clay and set it in the Void Sea where the water could see. And so the Moon lead the Sea in the dance, and the world danced with the Mother.   This was pleasing, but the world was still cold, and still looked too bleak. So the Mother sang the Second Verse, and shaped all the seeds of the world. She walked the length and breadth of the land, planting them as She saw fit. When at last She was done, She returned to Her home and lit a lantern from the Fire of Creation, which She set into the sky. When its golden rays warmed the earth, all the seeds of the world sprung up with the joy of life. And so the world became the Mother's Garden.   The world was beautiful and knew Her Song, but it still felt empty and lonely to the Mother. So she set about making creatures to live within her Garden. She made them out of wood and mud, straw and shells, whatever pleased her in the moment. And when she Sang their names they came to life. When each was born, she inquired what gifts they would ask of her. Some asked for mighty weapons. Some asked for camouflage or speed or flight. Some asked for the sharpest senses or wisdom.   At last the Mother made Man, who asked for nothing. For they understood that life itself was the greatest gift. And the Mother smiled, and the joy of it was felt by every creature in Her Garden.   "Then you, my children, will be the caretakers of my beautiful Creation. My gift to you is the responsibility of stewardship. Fear not, for I choose you because I know you are up to the task. I leave you in the hands of my trusted attendants, who will guide you in my stead."   For the Mother, after all this time, had become weary. She kissed the heads of Her children and returned to Her home to rest.

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